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Cut Down Your Car’s Fuel Consumption

Fuel prices are always on the increase and surely we can do nothing about it. But with these simple practical tips, we can guarantee you that it’s possible to spend less at the pumps.

Step 1

Check the Tyres

Check your tyre pressure frequently. Underinflated tyres are a fuel guzzler. They are a safety risk and reduce tyre life. Ensure there are no unnecessary items in the boot or the back seat which add weight and increase fuel consumption, says Khalifani Kyasanku of Zion Auto  Garage.


Step 2

Plan Ahead

Most fuel is wasted in the maddening Kampala jams. To avoid this study the road you are planning to take. Look at the jam likely to be in a particular thereby avoiding stopping at most traffic lights. In other words keep the vehicle moving, says Kyasanku.

Step 3

Plan your route

If you skipped the vectors lesson in school then it’s time to catch up on it. Before you start moving look for the shortest routes to get you to wherever you are going.  The shorter the trip the less fuel you use. Experiment with different routes and see how much you can save.


Take it Easy

Heavy breaking and flooring the accelerator waste fuel. Always try to keep the accelerator pressure normal and steady.

Avoid Short Trips

Do you really need a car when you are moving around town? Try walking the streets. It is good for your health and your fuel consumption. According to Khalifani, fuel consumption increases with each cold start as compared to starting when the engine is warm. So by cutting down on short trips you will be cutting a great deal on fuel consumption. He adds that short trips are a major cause of engine ware and premature exhaust failure.


Close fuel cap properly

If it doesn’t close properly, is loose missing or damaged, fuel could evaporate and according to the car care council 556million litres of fuel evaporate every year. That’s a total waste.