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How To Get Through The First Year Of Law School

Law school is not a walk in the park. It’s a jungle that challenges you to use all your smarts to survive.  A third year law student gives tips on how to transition from a wide eyed fresher to a mature student with ease.

Soak in everything


First, disabuse yourself of any notions about your natural academic superiority. Sure you’re good, but so is everyone else in your class. This means that law school success doesn’t come merely from knowing the law; you have to know it better than most of your peers. Encourage them to teach you as much as possible of what they know.

Class preparation

Read decided cases and law textbooks on a given topic before the lecturer discusses it in the lecturer room. This helps you to understand adequately the topic the lecturer is discussing. Be reminded that the lecturer contributes just 30% and the 70% is left for you as a student to research.

Buy study aids


Once you get into law school, a substantial part of your income will be spent on buying law reports, law text books, a law dictionary, handouts left at the photocopier by the lecturer among others which are all quite costly. When I was a freshman at law school my good Professor summed it up and I quote that “law is not a course for the poor”. So I implore you to cut down on the money you intend to spend partying in “happening places” and invest it in your education.

Discussion groups


Therefore you need to look out for bright and focused students and form discussion groups once you are admitted into law school. This will help you to discuss course works, assignments and the course content taught by your lecturer which will enable you to excel.

Tech help

Make sure you have a computer and internet connection because they will ease your work and cut costs involved in hiring someone to type your coursework for you. Most lecturers also prefer to send class notes coursework to the class e-mail address hence having these gadgets will make your life easy.

Finally try to enjoy yourself. Law is one of the most grueling courses at campus and can take over your life if you let it. You need to find balance between the course and your social life. Treat yourself to your favourite pastime every weekend so that Monday finds you ready to take on the week with a sharp mind and healthy body.

George Arinaitwe