Make A Classic Busuti Both Unique And Versatile

Many people think that a busuti has to be expensive to really look nice and some shops now have busuti material that costs as much as Shs 1M.  But if you are not an oil sheikh’s wife, that is quite a lot for an outfit you wear once in a while.


Here therefore are some tips for your next busuti


If you can avoid what is trending at any one time, please do because these trends come and go.  Always go for silk or chiffon if you are on a budget, a plain red, blue, green material is the best bet.

The kikoyi

Your kikoyi or under skirt can kill or make your busuti so take care to make it well. Rules of kikoyi are that it has to match one of the prominent colours in your busuti. Some people pick out the dullest color there by killing their look. If your busuti is plain, find a complimentary colour i.e. red and blue, yellow and black, black and white etc.





If you are light skinned, then bright colours such as yellow, white, baby pink, light blue, pitch are a definite no. Go for dark blue, dark green, turquoise, scarlet, maroon etc. And if you are dark, then the light colours will look good on you.


Size matters when you choose your busuti. If you are a size 18 and above, please avoid busuti’s with huge patterns, they will turn you into Tororo rock. It would be better for you to stick to plain material and small patterned. Leave the aloud patterned matters to the petites materials.





Your busuti dress does not have to be spaghetti sleeved especially if your arms are beginning to sag, your arm pits resemble Oldvai Gorge and you cannot pull off a strapless bra very well. Try out any of our shown styles and you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. These accessories should be light and if your busuti is busily patterned and “heavy” if your busuti is plain. However “heavy” does not give you license to showcase all your jewelry in one day. Avoid over doing it. Your aim is to dazzle and not overwhelm.  For instance, if you choose heavy chandelier ear rings then a plain silver chain will suffice. If you choose a string of pearls which actually go very well with traditional wear, match them with matching studs and a similar bracelet. Avoid plastic earrings that are sold for as low as 2K. If you are on a budget, get the African craft earrings that will leave people guessing instead of appearing as a cheapskate.