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Bravo To All The Brave Mothers Of The World


Nothing awakens fear, doubts and insecurities in a woman more than motherhood but it also brings strength, wisdom and inspiration they never knew they had.  I have woken up more than once covered in cold sweat, my heart pounding at the terrifying prospect of being entirely responsible for another life. Raising my daughter has been both a blessing and a challenge while it still terrifies me; it has liberated and empowered me to do bigger things in my life.

Motherhood has taught me that life isn’t a competition and I don’t have to be right all the time. I have learnt to forgive myself, accept my flaws and trust with the faith of a child.  I have also witnessed young girls blossom into wonderful, amazing people as they became mothers and settled into raising their own children. This growth as a mother can also mean folding into ourselves and hibernating for a while so that we can always know what is right, what is needed. So we can get a break in the darkness to find the light.

And, being a mother often means running wild and free just like a child on playing in the sun which is  the equivalent of our spirit soaring, flying like super woman, spinning out of control only to fall down and laugh and laugh and laugh.

And just as the trees lose their leaves in the fall, we lose a part of ourselves to make room for what is yet to come in our lives, for our children’s needs, for everyone else’s problems.

This circle of motherhood is something you cannot know or experience or understand until you’ve been through all of the seasons at least once, if not a dozen times.

A mother knows to weather the storm because this, too, shall pass. A mother knows that the tides will ebb and flow and the salty water will sting. But she also knows that if she just rides the waves and bobs up and down with them, she will land somewhere beautiful and amazing and perfect.

Being a mother means never giving up on your child because you know their life depends on you.  Being a mother means that you will gladly let your children move on with their lives and if you are lucky, you will be glad to see them come home again and again.

So this is to say thank you to all mothers all over the world for the great work you do. The tears, sweat and toil vested in your children make this world a better place.