Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow


Think of any successful person you are privileged to know personally and think about their attitude towards what they do.  Now consider your struggling friends and focus on what they say about their jobs. There is one important unifying factor that stands out. People who love what they do are wildly successful and if they haven’t attained the success you and I are used to yet, just give it a few years but intrinsically they have fulfillment which is the kind of success we all look for.

Singer Yvone Chaka Chaka is one of the most successful African entertainers and she credits her success to her love for the art. music to her is an extension of who she is as a person not something she does for a living. unlike other artistes she is comfortable to take a break until such a time she feels inspired enough to release a song. That is the difference; she isn’t doing it for money or fame but for the love of it, money is just a bonus.

Have you ever wondered why so any people hate their jobs? Perhaps you are one of the people in this category. If so then you know that most of us hate what we do for work, hate the environment that we do it in, hate the people we do it with or are solely disappointed with the rewards we get.

Most of us think that if the rewards were greater, the conditions better or the people nicer, we would feel a lot better about our work. This is what we think but it is not true. I graduated from school got a good job but I was not proud of what I did.  I was often ashamed of what I did, did not like being part of the system. After a while I did not like myself for being in the system. And I did not like the people I was working with. I was making pretty decent money but it wasn’t enough to bring me joy or peace. I wasn’t serving I was collecting a paycheck.

My experiences have taught me that service, doing what you love has rewards that money cannot buy. It has also become clear to me that when you do what you love passionately you are never at a loss of things that you need.