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How To Keep That Sizzle In Your Relationship Alive


Generally, beginning a relationship is the easy part; it’s maintaining the connection that gets a little tricky. These days, more and more couples are seeing counselors to keep their relationships sizzling. But before you get to the tough times (that will inevitably hit), you need to learn how to keep the good times flowing.’s relationship guru is here to give you a hand up in your love life- all free of charge. These should help keep your affair in a happy, healthy place:

 Keep the mystery

Life for couples gets boring when they fall into a dynamic. If you break that pattern and act against it, in a positive way of course that automatically means you’re injecting new life into the relationship. For example, if you want to complain about how he’s always late, try something like “You know, I love that you’re so easygoing, but it really bothers me when you show up so late. I’m sure you can still be the fun guy I adore and also be on time. Try addressing him in a nicer, friendlier tone. It will work.

Get Touchy a Lot

After being together for a while, the initial excitement fades, and the spontaneity goes away.  Well, no doubt you hug and kiss and maybe cuddle a little after sex; that’s what it should be anyway.  But simple acts like stroking his arm while you’re watching TV, or taking his hand when you’re out on a date are sure ways to bond. Touching emphasizes your affection and makes you feel closer on an instinctive level.

Don’t Be BFFs

You have heard them say that it’s because they married their friends that the affairs are blossoming. Being friends with your partner is great in concept but again, that kind of connection actually can kill your sex life. You could end up having a ‘roommate’ like bond with each other rather than a hot one if you let yourself lose track of the masculine-feminine tension that excited you at the beginning of your relationship. Save the gossip sessions for your girlfriends and your sexy energy for connecting with your guy.

Enjoy a Fixed Diet of Sex

As a matter of fact, men love sex. If you want to maintain closeness with your man, get out of your head and into bed. To strengthen your bond, approach your lust life as you would your gym routine or your diet. Make sex part of your routine; have sex at least a couple times a week.

Take a Time-Out

These days, you will agree, social media; Facebook, Whatssap, Viber, name them, have become a menace in relationships! It’s important that you get a break from them and spend alone time as a couple; cell phones and the Internet off-limits. The point is simply to steal away (even if you’re going nowhere) so you can reconnect free of any distractions.

Spend a Little Money on Each Other

Ladies, this is specially sent your way. Start spending on your men! And by the way, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give small presents to show your love. In fact, gifts are more fun and meaningful when they’re not expected. Try to get into the habit of exchanging sweet tokens of appreciation for no particular reason. It’s not about being extravagant; it’s just a way of showing that you really think about each other.