Rainproof Your Hair Because Your Happiness Depends On It



I can hear a collective sigh from all the women every morning when they wake up to the sound of rain. Apart from the obvious traffic jam and a myriad of other inconveniences there is the most sensitive issue; our hair.  True, we have various ways of keeping it dry but that doesn’t mean that it is safe from damage causde by the cold and humidity. Just like our skin needs an extra dose of moisture and protection on those cold days, hair needs special care during the rainy season too.   The overall goal is maintaining moisture, which maintains elasticity and stops breakage in its tracks. Moisture is also the key to avoiding those split ends and knots that make detangling hell on earth and add to your breakage. These tips will help you control damage and maybe even some growth, which will come in handy when it dries up and you are ready to flaunt your locks.

Oil Treatment


Before you hit the salon coat your hair with healthy oil. This will protect your hair from drying out when they shampoo it and serve as another conditioning treatment. If you have time coat your hair, then sit under a heating cap or dryer for a few minutes for a deep condition. The oil will seep into your hair shaft, which is a good thing.

Shield your hair


This is not the time for wearing your hair out daily. Of course you can once in a while, but your default should be a protective style until warm weather returns. Braids, twists, top knots, and weaves will keep your ends hidden away from the cold and lessen the amount of styling you have to do on a daily basis.



Consider this a crisis for your hair and the only way out of it is to give it the appropriate nutrients. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals is a sure way to keep your hair follicles happy and hair growth consistent. And since we are all about hydration, don’t forget to get your eight glasses a day.

Invest in a dome umbrella


These are available at every supermarket and on the streets. Look for dome umbrellas that have a longer edge that covers your face and completely protects your hair from the awful sideways rain and humidity in the air.  They are clear so although the edge comes down below your chin, your vision is not impaired.  Another bonus is that your makeup remains fresh and intact.

Choose sealant with care

It is essential that after shampoo and styling you coat your hair with a sealing product to lock in the moisture. The sealant creates a barrier between your hair and the elements, like a sweater for your strands. Since shea butter and coconut oil, two popular sealants, are solid in cold temperature, try an oil that is liquid at room temp like olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil.

Don’t panic!  It is just rain.  Even if you are caught unexpectedly in the middle of a monsoon without anything to protect your hair, your life isn’t ruined.  You can redo your hair later, it is not a life threatening situation and sometimes just keeping it in perspective makes all the difference.  Happy rainy days!