Fear the passion’s faded forever in your relationship?  Here is how to get rid of the bad habits are killing your love life.

Perfectly Beautiful African American Couple

We think it’s the big issues that drive a wedge between couples – financial problems, infidelity our disagreements about how many children to have. But what I have discovered over the years is that it’s the accumulation of the little things that destroy love.

Whether its repeatedly working late because  you think  it’s  more  important  to be  financially  secure  than spending  time  with family to  shouting  at  each  other  for  help can ruin  your  love  life.  These habits may seem harmless but have the power to unravel even the strongest bonds.  But be sure you can add that spark back into your love life.

Being right all the time

It’s really easy to spot when your partner is falling into trap. For example you cannot even mention a little problem like him throwing his socks in the corridor because your partner will fly off the handle and claim he was just about to pick them up. However, you are just as likely to be guilty yourself.  When your partner points something out, how often do you have a ready –made excuse?

Break the habit:  simply say you are sorry for the mess and clean it up. This is more empowering and feels good without any drama.

Zoning out


It could  be  staying  on  a  computer  or  a  phone  while  your  partner  is  talking  to you. This  may  seem  simple  but  it sends  out  a  message  that what  your  partner  is  saying is  less  important. This is  a  far  cry  from when you fell  in love  and  everything  seemed  to  revolve  around  the  two  of  you.

Break the habit:  always be in the same room when you speak to each other. Shouting to each other from different rooms sounds more of a command rather than a request. Try not to talk from the door but walk to your partner and talk to him or her after they’ve noticed you. With this you will feel that your partner cares and has given you full attention.

Tip toeing on your partner

We all like to have peace in a home but then you also have your own opinion about everything. Do not shut up because this way you might shut out even the positive feelings including love.

Break the habit: start with the small things like how he sips his tea. Something like “would you mind drinking your tea more quietly.” You will be amazed at how soon you will be able to handle bigger things.

Putting children first


Children need a lot –especially when they are still babies. Even when they grow up, still everything seems to still revolve around them.  Naturally we all want what is best for our off spring. However, you got married so you can spend lots of time together with meaningful conversations not how kids are doing or something about their homework. Have you been so busy being mum and dad that you’ve forgotten you are lovers?

Break the habit:  put your partner number one in all you do. Remember the kids are just passing through and your marriage will last forever.