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Rwandese Beauty Secret Packaged For You


We already knew that Rwanda had the most stunningly gorgeous women and now we know the secret to their flawless beauty; cow ghee. The ingestion of ghee is like offering the finest of fuels into the fires of digestion. It  makes all the organs soft, builds up the internal juices of the body which are destroyed by aging and cools the body, essential in much of today’s world in which everything is overheating.  Ghee is known to increase intelligence, refine the intellect and improve the memory.


Now this amazing organic ingredient has been treated to remove the tangy  natural scent leaving it unperfumed and oil-free. Simply known as Amavuta Y’inka  Yokwesiga, this pure Rwanda ghee can be found at Ipa Men’s Store in Bugolobi next to Shaka Zulu Restaurant. It is geared toward skin concerns including dryness, acne, and irritation. It is free of dyes, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, and extra fillers, leaving only super-strength skin care behind.


How to use

Apply ghee all over the body, rubbing into head, chest, limbs, joints and orifices. This will bypass the digestive system and allow the qualities of Ghee to penetrate directly into the deeper tissues. It is said that 60% of what is placed on the skin is absorbed into the body. We literally “eat” what we put on our skin.