SheSpell Recommends: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

The series starts off with what appears to be the usual plot; privileged women, failed relationships but amazingly goes deeper with time. Based on the public life of Abby, a famous self-help author known for sharing her perfect life with women to get them through their own struggles, the series examines manner of issues; marriage, betrayal, family economics, friendship, even the pitfalls of public domesticity.


Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) has written the same line of successful books and she is the family bread-winner; husband Jake (Paul Adelstein) is a wanna-be director and primary care-giver.  She is buttressed by BFFs Lyla (Janeane Garofalo) a tough-as-nails attorney furious that she has to pay alimony to her once-promising and now-unemployed chef husband, while the midriff-bearing former model Phoebe (Beau Garrett) has embraced her freedom so much she not only smokes but does so in stores too. United only by their concern for Abby, and their own loss of faith in the institution of marriage, the two serve as confidantes, advisors and cheer leaders.

The cast

Abby McCarthy


Played by Lisa Edelstein, Abby McCarthy is a self-help book author and fabulous mother of two who is undergoing an emotionally (and financially) draining divorce. But the foxy Abby always looks fantastic no matter what hell she may be going through!



Janeane Garofalo plays  Lyla is Abby’s best friend. With a head for business and a tongue that cuts like a knife, she’s the friend who will always tell you like it is to save you from leaving the house looking like a tragedy. Her dark sense of humor and cynical outlook is the perfect yin to Phoebe’s yang.



Phoebe (Beau Garret) is the cool mom who wears crop tops and body chains. A bit of a wild child, she brings out the more adventurous side of Abby.



Delia, (Necar Zadegan) is a cut-throat divorce attorney with ambition that rivals Lyla’s. Always dressed to kill, Delia is determined to get Abby to take her on as a divorce lawyer .



Jake, (Paul Adelstein) is Abby’s foolish yet adorable soon to be ex-husband. Struggling to gain back his independence, both financially and emotionally, Jake gets involved with a woman almost half his age.

Becca Riley


Jake’s new girlfriend Riley (Julianna Guill) is half his age and a successful actress on a The CW show. Besides being a bit of a clinger and a starry-eyed tween-magnet, she’s not so bad.


Nate is the reason Abby and Jake split up. Abby and Nate developed a strictly verbal relationship that got a little too emotionally close for comfort for Jake. Now that Abby is back on the market, who knows what could happen between them.


Abby’s brother Max is the sister she never had. Always supportive of Abby, he struggles between his allegiance to her and his friendship with her ex, Jake. Mostly he just wants them to get back together and forget the whole thing happened.