Shopping Secrets All Women Must Know



Clothes shopping must be so easy if you are size 10 with curves in the right places. But for the rest of us the search for a new look is a living hell. Now however,  personal stylist Brenda Karuhanga is furnishing us with information on how to shop without losing your head.

“No one is born knowing how  to  shop  but  this  is  a  skill  that can  be  developed,” she says.

Doll up

Young woman looking in mirror

Your goal is to find fabulous things that make you feel and look great. Everything you purchase must show you at your very best. So when you hit the shops, you must dress smartly (in clothes that can easily be put on and off to minimize time in the changing room), style your hair and wear your favorite  lipstick, because  you  are  going to be  spending  a lot  of  time  in front  of  the  mirror. Check your wardrobe to check what you need. Even  if  you  think you’ve  got  nothing  to  wear,  your  current  collection  holds  the  secret  to  your  past  shopping  triumphs. Pick your favorites, that dress  that  makes  you  get  all  the  compliments  or  those  skinny  jeans  that  make  people  ask if  you’ve  lost  weight. Then try to figure  out  why  those  particular  clothes  work  for  you, is  it  the  color? The neckline?  The cut? It is  these  cues  against which  you  can compare  all  potential  for  your  new collection.

Next pull out an item you bought but rarely wear. Be honest with yourself why it did not work for you.  Perhaps  that color  isn’t  right  for  you,  or  maybe it  doesn’t  go  with  anything  you  own,   you’ve  never  had  the  right  occasion,  it  makes  you  looks  chubby,  maybe  gives you a  big  burst or  maybe  gives  you  a  flat  chest  etc. let  this  be  a  lesson  that  you  should  buy  something  that  does  fit perfectly  well.


Never be duped by tempting displays.  Studies  have  shown that  when  one  enters  the  shop,  somehow  they  will  move  to  the  right  hand  and that  is  where  the  newest  and  most  expensive clothes  will  be  placed. Carpeted  areas  are  a  danger  too  because  this  will  slow  you  down so  as  to  spend  more  time  and money  in  a  certain  section.  Let your guiding principle be color.  See  the color  first  then  go  for  closer  look  at  the  style ,  size  fabric  and  price.

Stick to colors that flatter you

The  best  color to  buy  is  one that  makes  your  skin  look  radiant.  Avoid  anything  that  makes  you  think  it  will  look  better  with  a  different  or  better  makeup.

Choose colors that flatter you immediately. Avoid  neutrals  if  a  cloth  is  available  in  both  neutral  and  color  go for  color  and make  an  impression.

Lighting  can  distract  color  so  ask  the  shop  attendant  if  you  can  first  take  it  out  side  on the  window  to  see  its  exact  color  and  only  make  a decision  if  it  still  looks  great  in  natural  light.



If you like it, sit down in it. Something  may  look  good  when  you  are  standing but  you  will  be  spending  most  of  your  time  seated  so  always  try  to  find  out  how  it  will  feel  like  when  you  are  seated. Why  you  are  trying  out  a  buttoned  shirt,  always stretch  out  your  arms  back so  that  your  chest  sticks out.  If there is any sign of   a gap do not buy it. When  you  are buying  a trouser,  do  the  dressing  room  gymnastics :  bend,  sit  squat  etc if  you  can’t  do any  of these  comfortably then you are  in  a wrong  pair.

The bra and shoes secret

When  buying  a  bra,  always  try  on  from  the  loosest  not  the  middle  hook.  Bras  stretch  out  over  time  so  if  it  fits  from  the  loosest  setting, you  can  tighten it  over  time  to  maintain  the  right fit.

Only shop for shoes in the afternoon

Feet  swell  during  the  day, so  buying  shoes  when  your  feet  are  at  their  largest makes  you likely  to buy  shoes  that  squeeze.

Choose classic over trendy

It’s  better  to  buy  something  that  you  will  wear  for  years  over something  that  you  will  wear  for  only  a  season. If  you  are  to  buy  something trendy  make  sure  it’s  cheap  so  you  won’t  feel bad  when  its  off  the  fashion  trends. But  for  a  classic  item  it  is  worth  every  penny.

Walk away

You  may  love  a  design  on  someone  else  or  in  a  magazine  but  unless  you  love  it  on  you,  do  not  buy  it. Be true to yourself.