Shorter Steps Lead To Greater Progress


Beginning anything isn’t easy. Whether it’s a new diet, a new relationship, constructing a new building or starting a business the process is usually taxing. But of all the challenges, the patience needed is the hardest. When we reach a point where we think we should be seeing results and there are none, we feel justified to give up.

Now that I know better, the moment you give up is usually when you are about to experience the amazing results of your sacrifice. Things do work out differently for different people, what worked for one successful person might not work for you because it wasn’t based on one single factor; there are many factors that help produce positive results.

Last week I was going through the trials of being in the beginning stages of a ministry. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I felt disheartened and even contemplated giving up. I was so serious about throwing in the towel that I talked to my spiritual adviser.  After telling her my heartbreaking decision, she offered me a glass of water and went to her bedroom. She came back with two pairs of snickers and socks and asked me to put one on and she put on the other one. She said we were going out for a jog. Curious to see where this was going I obliged.

We hit the road soon I was perspiring from the effort of trying to catch up with this sixty year old woman. When she reached Kololo airstrip, she waited for me to catch up. I asked her how she could run so fast, so effortlessly without getting tired. That’s when she told me that the whole jogging session was meant as a demonstration for my current troubles.

‘When you take shorter strides, you let your feet move fast thereby picking up speed and you will last longer on the road.’ She told me. ‘This same principle applies to life. Success doesn’t come in blocks but in measured small steps taken every minute of every day. Do what needs to be done today and give it your best without subjecting it to the end results and celebrate the little daily successes.’ She added.

When you let these small successes live in your spirit, then God will do what you once considered impossible, and you’ll experience the favor of God at the end of the day.

Remember life follows you; everything you experience in life is a result of what you have given out in your feelings and thoughts whether you realize it or not. If you celebrate a series of little successes and think of yourself as succeeding then the big one will come too. Life is not happening to you it is following you.  Your destiny is in your hands. Whatever you think, whatever you feel will decide your life.