Yesterday in honor of International Women’s Day, the speaker of the day at Worship Harvest church, asked the congregation to mention the first thing that comes into their minds whenever they hear the word woman. The answers were as varied as they were eye opening, ranging from gossip, to lipstick, to tears to chaos to comfort.  This is the way the world sees you, but how do you see yourself?

And most importantly how does God see you?  You are beautiful to God. You matter to Him, no matter what your shape or size. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and as a believer, the Holy Spirit dwells within you and guides you into all truth.

He also has great dreams for you He wants to transform you from insignificant to highly esteemed like Esther the helpless refuge whose marriage to the king saved her nation. He wants to change your story of disgrace into that of grace like how Mary’s teenage pregnancy resulted into world redemption by the sacrifice of our lord Jesus Christ.

But above all God loves you. He adores you.  He created you  to be wonderful, diverse, and not anything like the media’s call to be an unattainable shape. God calls you to be His daughters. His followers. His servants. And you know what? The Almighty God loves you  just the way you are. And you are beautiful to Him!