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Taaadaa….Goodbye Artificial Butt!

Ways To Make Your Booty Look More Bangin


Even in this era of size zero a considerable back side is still considered a major feminine scoop. So it is safe to say that the booty never goes out of style. A friend revealed that doing so many bends (squats) a day makes one’s booty bigger! Well, not sure about this one. Hahaha. I advised her to try this:

Emphasize your booty by highlighting your waist

Shift dresses and low-rise bottoms are your booty’s worst enemy because they downplay the difference between the size of your waist, and the size of your butt and hips. The smaller your waist looks, the rounder and more bodacious your booty will look by comparison, so go for pants, skirts, and dresses that fit tightly at your natural waist, and pair them with cropped or tucked-in tops and cropped jackets.

Trumpet skirts


Trumpet skirts further emphasize your booty by adding another flare just below your butt.  It’s sort of like stacking two hourglass shapes on top of each other, and it draws the eye down from the waist to the booty, making you look curvier overall. Drawing the eye down like that is also a great way to help balance the look of a larger chest with narrower hips and a small butt.

Stretch is your booty’s BFF



Stretch fabrics, along with proper tailoring, will allow your clothes to hug and lift your booty, rather than squash it down. And if you are looking for a great pair of jeans for your butt, you may want to consider a curvy skinny jean over a traditional flare for a more figure-flattering shape.

No flimsy fabrics!


Anything made with one of those cheap fabrics that just sort of hang off your butt is going to make it look sad. Either go for something skintight that hugs your curves top to bottom, or choose an A-line shape in a fabric that is durable enough to maintain a smart and continuous line from your waist out to the hem without just sagging.


Less is more



The more leg you show, the more the eye is going to be drawn up toward your butt. And again, avoid vertical color-blocking, which de-emphasizes your hips and booty by drawing the eye in and making you look less curvaceous. Horizontal colorblocking, on the other hand, is great for emphasizing your curves, especially if the line where the two colors meet is right below your butt.

Use structured pleats to add serious volume

Make sure the fabric is strong enough to support the added bulk and whatever you do, no bubble skirts! They make your butt look bigger the same way a diaper makes a baby’s butt look bigger, and that’s not sexy. Well, not to most people anyway.