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Unbelievable Items That Cut Dry Cleaning Costs

Don’t have money for the trip to the dry cleaner’s yet you want to put on that stained suede dress? Don’t worry, just get you toddler’s rubber and rub off the marks. Dry, dirty or ball point pen can be removed from suede with a rubber.  Working in the one direction only, gently rub and when you shake clear the debris it should be as good as new. Coffee and wine stains can be removed by dabbing at them with a cloth moistened with white vinegar.

white vinge


To wash silk properly handwash it using lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent specifically designed for silk like Persil silk and wool. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar in the final rinse to remove any residue soap. Remember to iron it inside out when still dump.

Baby shampoo

baby shampoo

Most people stay away from cashmere because it is generally high maintenance.  To clean them properly, turn them inside out and wash in lukewarm water with a squirt of baby shampoo. Never rub or wring, just squeeze the water gently through the garment. Rinse in clean warm water and add a little hair conditioner to the final rinse to soften the fibers.



Cleaning beads, ribbons, faux furs and embroidery can be a nightmare.  For a fast and thorough clean, mix half water and half vodka in ironing spray bottle and spritz on garments. To stop ribbons from fraying dub the edges with clear nail polish.