Be You And Let God’s Glory Shine Through


In this era of celebrity worship it isn’t uncommon to see people going out on a limb to be other people. Thanks to the cosmetic surgery advancement, now people can physically transform themselves to look like their celebrity idols. A while ago, this young boy went to a famous LA plastic surgeon and tasked them to make him look like pop sensation Justin Beiber.  The surgeon asked him why he wanted to look like Beiber. The young man answered that he had a thriving career as a Beiber cover. ‘But have you considered that this would be illegal since you would look like the artiste whose songs you cover? What if Beiber’s career ended suddenly, would you have to have another surgery to look like the artiste of the moment?’ The surgeon asked.

The single most cause of unhappiness and distress is because people compare their lives to their neighbors’ and always come up short. Of course you will always come up short because that isn’t the life you were meant to live. You were not created to mimic somebody else. If God  the all-powerful had wanted people to  be the same, He would have had no problem creating clones.

God loves variety and He has given us all different gifts, talents and personalities on purpose. He has an individual plan for each one of us. Yet in our ignorance, we waste a lot of time and energy trying to copy other people’s lives.

There is nothing wrong with who you are. Some people are outgoing, others are laid back and that’s okay.  Some have already made it while others are still on their way. And that’s okay too. Copying somebody else’s personality or lifestyle won’t make your life any easier or happier; it will just be an extra burden keeping up appearances.

This morning dare to be happy in who you are. You were created to be you. When you step out, let your demeanor show that you are confident in who you are. And if you choose to be happy in who you are, God will pour out his favour in your life and make you the best at being who you are.

Have a great week