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He’s Mad Got Skills And Charm: Meet Kampala’s Body Ink Maestro


Munir Suat is blessed with that sweet and sensual face that makes women weak at the knees. The 23 year old tattoo artist was born in Kenya and raised in Uganda. He went to Rev. John Academy for primary school, Turkish Light Academy for his secondary school and University of Nairobi after which he moved back to Kampala to settle.

Stumbling into the ink

“I had always had an intense passion for body art and eventually I turned it into a profession; I had basic training from other professional artists and I only got better with practice.”

The business

“It’s still a growing trend but it’s starting to grow.  More and more youth are picking up interesting in body art and thankfully in Uganda they are picking interest in the right kind except for the few ladies getting eyebrow tattoos.  In my opinion eyebrow tatooing needs to stop and all culprits need to be fined and never photographed unless it’s for public amusement.”

The first time


“I got my first tattoo after I had already started to pursue it as a profession. I consider myself a freelance artist-I keep moving from location to location. Finding a permanent place to set up has been a challenge for me but with time everything will fall in its right place.”

(However he does have a parlor in Kampala, which many (myself inclusive) have had some amazing body work done.)

Best advice


“I don’t solicit advice so I make it a point not to advise others. However the only advice I would give to anyone is to go after their dreams however crazy as long as they make sense to them.”

On his achievements and pitfalls as an artist


“My greatest achievement so far would be doing my first tattoo considering tattooing is a passion I always wanted to follow. This is a very risky business because it’s usually challenging for someone to make a decision that they have to live with for the rest of their life.”

Handling the negativity

“Fortunately I find myself in circles of people that believe in my work but I can’t deny the fact some people may choose not to like what I do. Luckily I have never met any”

So this leaves me thinking that maybe sometimes I frequent the wrong circles, but if you want some good ink done on you I highly recommend this young man.

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By Bradford Kamuntu