Ladies, It’s Time For A Nail Detox

Nail Detox_FS

We love getting our nails dolled up. But as good as bright shiny nails make us feel, these chemicals found in the nail polish eventually cause untold damage.  If your fingernails are sadly peeling away or are brittle and weak, it is time you gave them a detox.  Here is how to do a simple but effective nail detox at home.

Remove polish


Rid your nails of that chipped and flaking polish using a non-acetone-based remover which dehydrates nails and causes them to be brittle.  Once your nails are clean, it’s time to restore moisture by soaking your fingers in warm water for 10-15 minutes every night for ten days.  A few slices of lemon will help brighten them.

Oil and massage cuticles


Moisturizing the cuticles is extremely important.  Dry off hands after your daily soak and massage into your nails and around your cuticle area each day. Once the oil has fully absorbed, you need to seal in the moisture with a thick moisturizing cream to your nails and leave it on overnight — this will allow the moisturizer to get into the nails and keep them hydrated.

Strengthening treatment

nail serum

After washing, instead of regular polish, apply a strengthening treatment on your nails, avoiding the cuticle area, every other day for one week. Once the week is up, remove the treatment with a non-acetone–based polish remover and start the regimen again. Keep the edges of your nails smooth with a good file to help them grow long and strong.


Steer clear of stripping agents like water or dirt. When doing dishes or gardening please remember to wear gloves.