Remembering Women That Perished In Rwanda Genocide


When Rwanda descended into genocide 21 years ago, thousands of women were systematically raped and killed as a tactic of ethnic cleansing.   They were treated like animals with the aim of killing their dignity.  The horror of the deaths and rapes is sickening and the mental and physical scars cannot be imagined. Their pain left a never-ending sorrow for the world.


I want to express my support for all those brave women who endured so much and are determined not to let their past hold them back. We applaud their effort in the healing and rebuilding a nation that was torn apart by hatred.

As women it is our duty to teach our sons and daughters that hate, murder and rape are crimes against humanity. Let’s give them the tools to look past the little things that make them different and instead focus on the numerous ones that unite them.

Let’s learn that we are human beings first and should never give into all these isms that lead to hatred and war.

Today, at SheSpell.com we light a candle to honor the women who died and those who still bear scars of the genocide. Let’s join together and pray that this never ever happens in this world.