Review: Schitt’s Creek


If you want a mindless but hilarious TV series to lighten up your weekend, then look no further than Schitt’s Creek.  The series focuses on a wealthy family that loses all its wealth and ends up living in a remote town Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) bought as a joke for his son David (Daniel Levy) and forgot about for twenty years.  Rose, a formerly stinking-rich video-store magnate and wife, Moira (Catherine O’Hara), a famous soap opera actress have to adapt to sharing a motel room with their  children Alexis (Annie Murphy) and David (Daniel Levy) who are spoiled urban airheads.

Moira puts up a fine performance playing a vain socialite and her constant threats of suicide (“I need a bathtub and a very long extension cord”) are as hilarious as they are persistent.


Alexis is a party-girl socialite with an amusing sense of entitlement.  Snarky and snobby son David with clothes both expensive and ridiculous, is fun to watch in his sullen anger.


Johnny is in much finer form, providing a strong, stern control over his family of otherwise outlandish lunatics. The family gets more inventive as the family has to learn to settle into the town. David tries to get a job as a bag boy at the local supermarket which lasts about five minutes.  This is a show intended to make you laugh. It has no hidden social agendas, no thinly disguised commentary on human behavior nothing at all of much importance, except pure comedy.

You will find yourself falling in love with these despicable characters because while they’re all outrageous, they still have enough humanity that makes them very relatable.