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The Rwabweras Extraordinary Nuptials


In a nation where a wedding is a tribal issue, dragging on for months and months, Geoffrey Tumisiime Rwabera and Mercy Asasirwe’s was really a marvel. First,  Geof’s decision to tie the knot was a major pleasant surprise.  He was the quintessential bachelor, too picky and too independent to be tied down by something as binding as a marriage. But it happened. And when he made up his mind everything happened with blinding speed.


As a royal, the guest-list read like a who-is-who directory; politicians, cultural leaders and notable tycoons all honoured the invitation to celebrate the youthful urban planner and his beautiful bride’s day.

‘Geof has such a detailed and meticulous mind, he knew what he wanted, when he wanted it and couldn’t rely on anyone else to deliver but himself so he took over most of the wedding decisions and the result was amazing.’ Says Robert a friend of the groom.


‘It was such a lovely and well organized wedding just like the bride and groom themselves. Nothing was out of place. They really complement each other.’


The couple tied the knot on 26th April 2015 at St. James Cathedral Ruharo Church Of Uganda and later hosted their guests to a sumptuous feast at Lake View Hotel Mbarara.