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Today Let’s Celebrate All The ‘Other’ Mothers

Carol Bits

A prestigious company recently posted a job advert looking for an Operations Manager.  This, the advert said was a very key job as the person who got the opportunity would literally be in charge of the company. Applications poured in and a group of applicants went through to the interviews.

The panelist told them that the job would require the person to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It required high mobility mostly standing on your feet or bending over for several hours at a time. There would be no work leave and the workload would drastically increase during holidays.

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” asked the first applicant. “Is this even legal?” asked the next. “Who are you people?” another asked indignantly.  To make matters worse the panelist told them that the job actually paid nothing.  “What if I told you that there are thousands and thousands of people currently doing this job?” the panelist challenged. “Who would be crazy to do that?” one applicant asked. The panelist answered after a short bit “MOMS”.  And one by one these highly qualified people melted with warmth as they recognized their own mothers in the crazy sounding job description.

Being a mother is the most challenging yet the most rewarding job in the world. From managing busy schedules to dealing with outside influences to dealing with the tantrums, diapers, little hurts and scary fevers, motherhood also forces you to come face to face with your mistakes, inadequacies and fears.

Motherhood awakens the divinity in you; you realize this inhuman strength that transcends natural laws. I witnessed my sister get on her knees and will her subconscious little girl to consciousness.  I witnessed my mother literally bring my brother back to life with sheer will and unbelievable faith in the power of prayer.

That is what motherhood is; a miracle.  It’s unbelievable how God has made us but we can never understand God’s ways.

All being said and done, motherhood is so much more than biology and usually there are women who become mothers by default. In African cultures especially in Uganda, a child has more mothers than they can count and each one of these ‘other’ or ‘little’ mothers play a very significant role in the lives of the children that God has placed in their lives. These “mothers” are our salvation when times are too tough, frightening or confusing because even with warm and supportive mothers we can never have enough people on our side.

Today I celebrate those aunties, sisters, friends and mentors who willingly took us in, out of the goodness of their hearts and gave us of themselves in more ways than one. Today take a moment to appreciate that special woman who held your hand when you needed someone, the person who believed in you when no one else did.

And to all those special women on whose shoulders I stand; thank you. Thank you for your faith in me and may God continue to fill you with his grace and reward you abundantly.