BooksEntertainment Recommends: What The Dog Saw

WHAT THE DOG SAW201241042022

On a hot Friday afternoon I receive a call from my book guy. “I have something you want.”  He states without any prior pleasantries.  “Movable feast?” I inquire. “No.” Comes the answer from the other end of the phone. “1984?” I ask again. “No. Better.”  He answers.

At this point I see the look on my business development manager’s face turn from mild irritation to confusion. “How much?” I go on ignoring the inquiring signs she is making at me. “The usual.”  Comes the reply.  As I gather up my papers and bags with uncivil speed, my BDM looks really concerned and asks me if I have started dealing or using drugs.

Indeed my book guy and I have a kind of user-dealer relationship. He only calls me when he has something really good for me. He knows my taste and he has a long list of standing orders. This time he had just received a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s What The Dog Saw and he decided that I should take it after all he is the one who introduced me to Gladwell ‘s best seller Tipping Point and I became a

What The Dog Saw is a collection of Gladwell’s articles that explore the world around us.  He takes simple ideas and transforms them into stories that touch people emotionally and intellectually.  Each story contained within What the Dog Saw follows its own strange course through the people and experts surrounding each topic.

The story that provides the title of his book is about the famous dog psychologist Cesar Millan, the host of the National Geographic Channel show Dog Whisperer. Gladwell explores Millan’s captivating ability to train dogs and understand their behaviors. Along the way, Gladwell also discovers many intriguing details about how people interact with their pets, and how their animals pick up on subtle environmental and behavioral cues. After piecing together Millan’s history and picking apart the techniques he uses to control dogs through his own posture, actions, attitude and demeanor, Gladwell points out that Millan is more than a simple dog obedience trainer: He is a “people whisperer.”

The power of the story of Cesar Millan is similar to that of the other stories contained in What the Dog Saw. First, a compelling issue is explored, and then a new understanding arises from the in-depth examination of the people and ideas involved. The result is a deeper understanding of those around us and ourselves.