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What You Must Do To Live A Successful Life


Today is a new day. It is another chance to start afresh, to learn a new thing or start taking action towards the life you want.  Living the life of your wildest dreams is not only realistic but it is also possible.  All you need is to understand the basics because without them nothing works well.  There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes in life. Everything follows a divine order. And just  like everything in life, you must take care of the basics first, once you have mastered those, the rest will be a walk in the park. Here are the five things you need to know in order to live a fulfilled life.

Live your own truth

As children we have no choice but to follow what our parents choose for us. They decide which schools we go to, where we live, how we live and sometimes if we live at all. But once we are adults we should find out who we really are and live that.  Most people have a hard time separating themselves from the expectations of others. I know this; I lived it for the biggest part of my adult life until I realized it was killing me.  Rather than rock the boat and change things it’s often easier to give up on embarking on the scary and unknown journey towards your true self.  The choice is yours, you can either dare to find out how powerful and unlimited you are, or you can just sacrifice your dreams and desires for the safe ordinary life you are used to. Every direction you head in body, mind and spirit, and every event and detail is your choice. Choose to live your own truth every time.

Believe in yourself

Get out of your own way, take that leap of faith and use the immeasurable power you’ve been gifted with. It’s time to bring your passion back to the forefront of living, to fulfill your true potential. Stop taking any past mistakes so personally, it’s time to let go.  Use them as guideposts, revealing to you the tweaks that need to be made to the beliefs you hold.  Let go of any old habits of thought that say you can’t, you shouldn’t. Dance, sing, feel joyful and relish who you are. And if you’re going to mess it up, and that’ll probably happen sometime along the way, at least it’s your mess.  You made the choices. Not someone else. If you always believe in yourself, before too long others will come to believe in you too.  And for those that don’t. It doesn’t matter.

Choose your life’s soundtrack

I love music especially inspirational lyrics. Whenever things seem stuck, I listen to The Brilliance’s May You Find A Light when I realize a dream I remind myself with Gabriela’s Dreams Can Come True. We become what we repeatedly do, see and hear. And many of us live life on autopilot where we repeat the same things on a daily basis. So what are you listening to? Is it a soulful melody of your strength and love or a cacophony of fear and failure?  If you constantly focus on your or other people’s flaws it’s possible that that is all you will see.  Before indulging in line of thought or action ask yourself this question: how will this better my world? Will it lead to peace of mind? If the answer is negative then change the track and choose one that has what you want.

Embrace challenges

Everyone experiences challenges. What matters is how you decide to see them. Whatever choice you make, this is the way your life will be. An empowered perspective always makes things easier and even when the challenges appear overwhelming, and all seems lost, you’ll often discover that you were a winner after all. Will you be enriched by the challenges you encounter or will you allow them to diminish you, to poison your soul.  You’re in charge, the choice is yours. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that you are magnificent. There is no small you. You are part of the divine and capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. If you choose to see it this way, your challenges can be the forces that propel you forward, despite yourself, and remember they will pass, but the strength and skills you acquire from handling them will always be with you.

Pay attention

Every day we’re given personal cues to remind us of where we are and for the most part we don’t get the message. You are the originator of your life; learn to read the universal clues that help you to bring forth your dreams. If you see or hear of someone who is sick the cue is to remember your health. Nurture yourself for a moment each day, because you deserve it. If you read or hear a negative tale, it’s your cue to remind yourself how accentuating the positive feels so much better. If you hear of another’s success it’s your cue to be grateful for where you are right now and for the continuing success you expect to see. If your friend is having a lousy day it’s your cue to be determined to enjoy some moments in your day.