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Baby Photography: Capture Those Precious Irresistible Moments Forever


Last Sunday my daughter asked to see her baby album in preparation of her sixth birthday. As we looked through, memories sweet and powerful came pouring out of those pages.  A baby photo contains something more than just the cute little creature; it carries the parent’s love, God’s miracle that is life and shows the depths of a number of human feelings. Because every step is precious we would love more than anything for it to last forever and thanks to photography we can do just that.  The first baby photos are the most precious and can be included on the birth announcements so that everyone will get a copy to keep.  Here are some other must moments capture moments in a baby’s life.



There is probably no more exciting time in life than the birth of a newborn baby. These pictures are the ones you’ll keep looking at for years to come. That’s why it’s so important to get them right, and to do it within the limited 3 to 4 weeks’ time window you have before they start growing up.



The best time for a newborn session is under three weeks because they are easy to place into small balls just like when they were in mommy’s tummy. They tend to sleep more and they don’t have a schedule yet.  This will give you a chance to take as many pictures of your baby sleeping in a variety of poses as possible.


This is where you need professional help because the entire family should be in the photo. Everything doesn’t have to look perfect; everyone doesn’t have to be even looking at the camera; just get in the same frame. Take every available opportunity to capture moments between your kids while they’re little. One day, they will look back on these memories and be glad you thought to catch it.

Baby features


Even people who hate feet have to admit that baby feet are freaking adorable. For maximum cuteness put something else in the frame (like your hand) to show just how tiny they really are. Looking back you won’t be able to believe their hands were ever this small. Your kid’s hair will never be the same as it is when they’re a baby immortalize it.

First times


The baby’s first smile, first meal, first sponge bath and the adorable sitting-up-on-my-own pictures make great memories.  If you are lucky enough you will get the elusive first steps.

First birthday


It’s been a great year and now it’s time to capture it in photos. Many mothers tend to be too busy to feature in the photos or just shy away because they don’t feel like they look their best. This however is a big milestone for you and the entire family.  Don’t miss out even if you think you look like a hot mess. Indulge Maternity Spa and Gym gives  you have the opportunity to document your baby’s life from bump to first birthday; captured in the most beautiful and artistic way.

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