The last couple of weeks have been real empowering for me.  The uncertainty, challenges and breaks have given me a chance experience God’s love, grace and sense of humor. Oh yes God can be rather humorous indeed. One day I spent the last 2k I had in order to purchase airtime to make calls that I had hoped would bring in some money. I get home and turn the house upside down in search of the card in vain. A week later I am sitting up in bed reading my bible at 2AM and there is the airtime card! For a while I sat there remembering the frustration I felt after failing to make the calls and then realized that everything I had wanted got done without the calls. It was as if God was trying to teach me that things will get done without the crazed unnecessary activities that make us think that we are actually doing something.

This brings me to my new favorite universal law; the law of surrender. The power of surrender is a necessary, life changing, and vital principle for enabling, empowering and allowing  yourself to eliminate (or at the very least dramatically minimize) the long term adverse effects of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety that we needlessly, unconsciously  yet consistently engage in.

One of the important aspects of surrender is to have faith that all is well and everything is working out as it should be. It is being able to see that all things that occur in your life always serve a higher purpose. It comes through understanding that all things regardless of how they may appear on the surface based on our limited understanding; regardless of how we might judge and label them based on what we think we know all serve as a means for us to grow.

Everything happens for a definitive and very specific purpose a greater good if you will. When we surrender we are allowing ourselves to what is, we allow more amazing situations and outcomes to come into place, far superior than we ever dreamed of.

Remember, the universe works at its own pace and everything does work out in perfect timing and sequence, even if it does not feel like it at the time.   At every moment of the day, especially when things get tough, each of us is confronted with an important choice to either choose fear to guide our life or to choose faith.

Fear is a natural emotion that informs us about potential danger and it warns us to protect ourselves and take care. However, there comes a time when fear ceases to be beneficial to us, especially when we have done all we can possible do about a situation and the outcome is clearly out of our hands. In these situations, it is time to surrender and have faith that all will be as it should.

Surrendering to faith takes courage but gives us access to realities we would never dream about.  When we choose faith, we are making a choice to be divinely guided and trust that we are being taken care of. Faith gives us the ability to look beyond our immediate circumstances and imagine new situations in the future.   Remember whatever you are going through now is part of the bigger plan and everything will fall into place if only you just choose to have faith for just one more day.