How To Make Jeans Last Longer


Just as every woman must have a little black dress in her closet so must she have a good pair of jeans. Today jeans can be worn in many styles, from boot cuts and boyfriends to skinnies and straight legs, there are jeans for every shape and size. We often invest in a good pair of jeans that only means we want it to last for-ever. Lasting forever however, depends on how well you take care of them. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your investment for a long time:

Wash Less Often

The good news is this is not hard to do for most people. Jeans should not be washed often. They were originally designed to endure the rigors of blue-collar this means they can do well without regular washes. This keeps the color from fading and may add a little rugged sexiness to your jeans.

Add salt to your water

When washing for the first time however, toss two spoonfuls of salt, this is the traditional way to help dye set and contain bleeding. It is even better to use very minimal detergent say half a teaspoon. No scrubbing is necessary; simply soak in water for an hour and rinse. I’m sure it’s not as hard as you thought. J

Always Air Dry

If you want to expand the expectancy of your jeans, air drying is your best take. Hang them outdoors not under direct sunlight though. This will help preserve the original color.

Save Your Dry-Cleaning Money

Even when this seems like the most convenient thing to do, not to mention the good smell and good look after. The chemicals used at the dry cleaners however will weaken the fabric slowly. “It can also result in a shiny finish, which probably isn’t what you’re going for. An alternative solution to get rid of odors is to steam your jeans.”  Julia Friedman.  Spend a few minutes using a steam iron on your jeans. Just don’t directly apply the iron to your denim, as this can alter the original finish.

Freeze your jeans

Got an impromptu date and need to quickly freshen up your luscious raw denim? Stick your pants in the freezer for a few hours to temporarily eliminate odors. The rule of thumb for new jeans is to not wash them for six months. Washing will fade the dye too quickly; wearing them for an extended period of time will naturally fade certain areas and distress others. In other words, given enough time, raw denim becomes totally you. Since water is the last thing you want to touch these types of jeans, you can freeze them for a quick refresh. Freezing kills some bacteria, and bacteria are the prime cause of unpleasant odors.

Written by Rebecca Nanjego