Need To Manage Your Labour Pain? Take A Lamaze Class


The Lamaze method is the most widely recognized practice for birth preparation. It has been the single most popular form of labor pain management since the 1950’s and it focuses on distracting the mother from labor pain by encouraging shallow, complicated breathing patterns.

Some history

The Lamaze technique was created by French obstetrician, Dr. Fernand Lamaze, after he observed child birth in Russia. The birthing method popularized breathing techniques, child prep classes, and spousal participation in Dr. Lamaze’s home country. The Lamaze technique relies on the mother understanding her body and the process of labor so she can make informed decisions about what she needs during birth.

The method

If you are like me, you probably think that Lamaze classes are about the woman breathing while her partner cheers.  In reality, Lamaze is a comprehensive approach to pregnancy and birth beyond inhaling and exhaling. It offers much more than breathing and relaxation techniques.  It also empowers women to embrace their changing bodies during pregnancy and use the tools they have to make sure “babies achieve safe and healthy outcomes. If you think that Lamaze is only deep or ultra-exaggerated breathing, think again. This world-renowned method provides tips and techniques to prepare for childbirth in a natural way.

What to expect

Most Lamaze classes feature roughly 12 hours of study that’s spread over several sessions. During the classes you’ll learn about the labor and birth process, natural pain and stress reduction techniques such as relaxation and the trademark breathing how your partner can support you during delivery and ways to communicate with the health-care professionals who are helping you to give birth. Your class will also cover non-natural options such as pain medications and epidurals as well as interacting with your baby after birth.

Getting dads involved

Lamaze doesn’t just educate the mother. Your birth partner is an essential part of the pregnancy, labor and delivery process. The Lamaze method recognizes that the mommy-to-be needs support and offers training to help partners understand their roles. During a Lamaze class both you and your birth partner will learn everything about the birthing process. Your partner will also learn how to support you during labor by using massage and other relaxation techniques.  During labor and delivery your partner will put these skills into use, helping to ease your pain and reduce the stress that you’re feeling.

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