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Learn How To Improve Your Work Ethic And Take Your Career To The Top

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Employers everywhere are complaining about the lack of work ethics: employees don’t show up on time, and when they finally show up they are inappropriately dressed and waste office resources on social media.  So, what has happened to the old saying: an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay?  If you have not done what you are paid to do how dare you complain when your employer pays you as and when they wish?

But who is to blame for this catastrophe? Teachers or parents? Because parents aren’t teaching their children and neither are teachers.  No wonder the job market is overflowing with people who lack skills to keep a job for more than a year. This means that there are people doomed to spending their lives doing entry level jobs and earning level entry salaries.  If you have been struggling to understand why you are always getting fired or being passed up for promotions we have the answer for you. The simple answer is your attitude towards work. You might have heard the common phrase that your attitude determines your altitude which means that unless things change you might settle for a life of mediocrity and frustration. So what can you do to better yourself?

Structure your day

A strong work ethic begins with a disciplined morning routine.  Get out of bed at the same time and do it with a purpose. When you wake up, get up. Get moving and get going. This will soon become a habit. If you use an alarm clock pop out of bed and stand up first; then switch it off with your feet firmly on the ground when your alarm sounds. Start each day with a strong morning, and the rest of the day will tend to follow. Move with power and purpose during that first hour. Own your mornings. Then maintain this attitude of mastery over your time as far into each day as possible.

Tackle a real challenge everyday

Kick off each workday with a mental challenge. Don’t start with something light and cushy. Dive right into a challenging task that some part of you would rather avoid. Train yourself to embrace what’s difficult instead of pushing it away. When you avoid difficult tasks by pushing them later into your day, soon you’ll justify bumping them into the next day and then the next one and then into next week and then you’ll realize this little postponement has somehow ballooned into months of procrastination. To avoid a difficult task this moment is to condition the habit of postponing difficulties indefinitely. This is no way to claim the benefits that come from doing difficult work.


If the busiest and most successful CEOs in the world can exercise for at least 45 minutes each morning, you surely can find time. Exercising strongly will energize you. Your body is meant to move. Your brain especially suffers from a lack of exercise, leading to imbalances in hormones and neurotransmitters. Physical exercise is one of the brain’s best rejuvenators. Don’t allow your mind to be dragged down by a sluggish body. If you have difficulty focusing your mind, start by focusing on your body. When you exercise, make it challenging. Don’t just do the same thing over and over. Mix it up. Push yourself. Make it intense. Give yourself not only a physical challenge but also a mental one. Embrace the terrific feeling of accomplishing something difficult each day, ideally in the morning. Kick off your day with a physical victory.

Learn how to persist

Everything in life has a process; if you have no willingness to ever work hard and have such resistance to the notion of pushing yourself then you will find yourself flitting from one place to another in search of the easier things to do.  Many goals are too big and challenging which if pursued to their very end will turn you into a person of bold action.  Your will only achieve your goals if you work hard, exercise lots of disciplined, and stay focused.

Embrace responsibility

You are an adult being paid to do a job you applied, for there is no reason why someone else should have to force you to work.  Growth requires requires action, movement, and change. It requires you to make some decisions and get going. Avoid laziness like the plague because in the long run, laziness yields only pointless difficulties and painful regret.  Never pass on your responsibility to someone else at all because else once you get away with it once, it becomes the natural thing to do anytime you are required to step up.

Make friends with disciplined people

Maintain high standards for your social circle. Keep yourself at arm’s length from the lazy, the unproductive, and the negative minded. A weak social circle is a psychological prison. Befriend and associate with the hard-working, ambitious, successful people of this world, and you’ll soon count yourself among them.