Mix It Up: Fab Mani-Pedi Colour Combos You Must Try Out


Matching nail polish on your fingers and toes is very basic and completely boring. Why limit yourself with all the wonderful colours out there? Of course the biggest reason is that narrowing down colour choices to just two shades can be extremely hard especially if you are the indecisive type.  We have done the pairing for you so the next time you treat yourself to a salon visit you’ll have some inspiration. Here are awesome combos we just can’t have enough of.

Nude and red


Put the nude on your nails and red on your toes to create a look that’s beautifully contrasted and sophisticated.

Brown and red

Brown and red also looks great for a mani-pedi. Use a dark brown color on your fingers and a bright red for your toes. It might not be something you’ve seen before, but I promise you will love the way it looks when it’s finished.

Purple and Grey


If you love deep, rich shades, this is the #look for you. Go with a dark purple on your fingernails, then put a brownish-gray color on your toes.

Silver and glow pink

Sheer washes of color are all the rage in spring makeup trends, so why not carry that effect onto your nails as well?  If you would love to have fun with your toes, put iridescent silver with hints of pink when the nails are angled.

Buff and wine

While most people opt to place darker colors on the toes than on the fingers some rules are meant to be broken. A beige pedicure breathes new life into fall’s oxblood hue, and makes for a fun way to hold onto the trend through the new season.  A deep burgundy crème can paired with the opaque foundation nude color in Beige.

Nude and black


Try neutral nails mixed with a touch of black. A black pedicure and nude manicure with thin black tips or French looks fab.

Yellow and Mint


These two colors are so pretty together and it gives your nails a fresh look.

Gel nail polish


There’s a long-lasting gel nail polish in town and its here to ditch the chips, flakes and fade in your nail colour. Gel nail polish is officially called “Axxium soak-off gel lacquer” and it’s made by OPI.  It has rich and fun colors. It lasts longer and dries faster.

Press-on nails


If you are unhappy with your own natural nails, press-on nails are potentially the perfect solution. They are long lasting and reusable.

Word to the wise: Matching your mani with your pedi can be forgiven. But what is unpardonable is having long, unkempt toe nails. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, never leave the house with long toe nails that match your fingernails in length.

  • Choose shades that flatter your skin tone.
  • Create contrast. Nothing looks more askew than two colors that are only slightly different — it makes your color choice look like an accident.

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