You Are Not Buried You Are Planted


Hard times have a way of blinding us with their sheer force until we feel like we are buried under tons of soil.  As Joel Osteen points out in his deeply inspirational book It’s Your Time,  there is a big difference between being buried and being planted and it boils down to your expectation of what happens next. When you plant something you expect it to rise again and come back to life, when something is buried you’re kind of just giving up on it and saying it’s over. The time for planting comes when challenges arise. We all go through difficult times, but we have the seed of Almighty God inside of us. That means you’re coming back and not only coming back, but coming back better and stronger than ever.

The truth is that life is a process and just like a seed that becomes a great harvest you must be buried in the ground, go through darkness and be transformed into something entirely different.   There are no shortcuts for anything worthwhile in life. You can’t have the crown without the cross. You can’t have roses without thorns and resurrection without death.

For you to go from small seed to great harvest, the same thing that happens to the seed has to happen to you. You will be trampled upon by people.  You might sustain some bruises and scars. You will be surrounded by dirt, unpleasant circumstances. You will be for moment surrounded by darkness; feeling like God has forsaken you, and forgotten about you. You will be walked on by people, people will say things about you, gossip, backstab and all other things that wound your soul and spirit.  It will look like you’re dying. It will feel like God is killing you. It will seem like you’re getting buried. But rejoice, because you’re getting planted. Planting and burial kind of look alike, but they are not the same. You’re not getting buried you are getting planted.

So today, when feel like as if the world is burying you under pain, heartache and disappointment, remind yourself that you are not buried but planted, and it’s only a matter of time before you break through with new life and new fruit.