We’ve heard the expression “live in the moment” so many times that the words often lose their meaning. We waste much of our time living either in the past or in the future because we are not happy with our here and now.

But the truth is your life is really okay. It may not be a time of abundance or ease, but things will definitely get better.  Rather than focusing on what isn’t working in our lives, let’s be thankful to what is.  It is a waste of time keeping our happiness on hold while waiting for the perfect life because perfection is elusive.

When we’re at the end of the line and there’s nothing left to do but wait for our last breath, we’re not going to fondly remember the moments where we held back and played it safe. We’re not going to be glad we never spoke our truth when it mattered most, or that we never told the people we cared for deeply how we truly felt. We’re not going to be glad that we did what we thought we “should” rather than following our hearts. Rather than taking risks, putting it all on the line, and living life full out.

What if you could be happy now with your life exactly as it is?  See, life doesn’t happen in the future, it happens right now. When you spend your time and energy on what may happen in the future you miss out on what’s great about now. This isn’t to suggest that we should drop all goals and aspirations and simply accept whatever’s happening currently. Creating an inspiring vision of what we are moving towards in life is important to our overall sense of purpose.

Make a list of what’s good about your life at the moment. Focus only on the positive aspects. Chances are you’ve overlooked a few things; aspects of your life that you take for granted because they come easily or naturally to you. Take a moment to notice what’s good, and revel in it. Practicing gratitude for what you have is a proven strategy for increasing life satisfaction.

As you live your life, remember to slow down and pay attention. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Focus less on evaluation and more on your actual experience. Be in the moment. Life is too precious to waste by wishing it away or waiting for the perfect one.  Your life is really okay, take a moment and enjoy it.