After Birth Aid! Professional Help To Get You Back On Your Feet

Giving birth is a physically and emotionally exhausting experience that’s why every new mom needs recovery time, even if she had a relatively easy birth. But today’s lifestyle doesn’t allow most moms to enjoy this period of recovery.

I remember a few years ago, I went to visit a cousin who had just delivered. I reached her home and found it bursting at the seams with people; relatives, friends and in-laws. By about 7PM everyone including her mother and mother in-law had left leaving her at the mercy of a silly maid. Even though I stayed behind to clean up after the guests and hold the baby while she napped, I had to leave in the morning meaning that she had to fend for herself and the baby from day two.

It’s possible that, like many other women who have just given birth, you’ll have only some relative or friend who can visit for a few days.  The good news is that now even if you don’t have anyone to offer free help, you can hire someone to look after you for a few days. These professionally trained women help moms with the baby so they can rest.

As a new mother, you may have lots of questions as you make important decisions that will affect your baby’s health.  The after birth attendant will  help you learn more about parenting and can coach you through caring for your new baby during your first few weeks together. Whether you need guidance as you start breastfeeding or have questions about choosing the right baby care products, your attendant will be a fountain of knowledge.

Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your new baby but it can be tricky.  From cracked nipples, to clogged ducts or a baby who simply won’t latch onto the breast new mothers have an abundance of breastfeeding challenges.  For many women, getting started with breastfeeding and then finding a routine that is comfortable for them and their new babies takes time and patience.  Your attendant can provide the education, information, and support you need to start breastfeeding.  She can continue to assist you in the early days as you and your baby settle into your own rhythm with nursing.

She will provide help with

Breastfeeding the baby

Mother bonding with baby

Burping the baby

Bathing the baby

Cleaning the umbilical cord

Baby comfort and night care i.e feeding, sleeping and diaper changes