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Dilemma Doc E: Should I Fight For My Ex Or Just Move On?


Dear E

I am a 32 year old woman and right now my life feels twisted up in knots over indecision.  Usually I am a very decisive person but this is too big a decision that I need all the help I can get even if it is from the faceless masses on social media. I met the man who has turned my world upside down five years ago. At that time he had just been fired from a top brewery company and was looking for another job. Unfortunately nothing came up and soon he was evicted from his house, so I invited him to move in with me.

For the five years we were together, he never contributed to the running of the household and I even used to give him money for his wallet because save for a few byeyos (odd jobs) his friends gave him once in a while he had no source of income.  I never even saw the money he made from those byeyos because he would disappear from home and come back after spending it all.  I stood all that because I loved him so much.

Now six months ago, he got a well-paying job at an oil company. Within a month, he moved out of our home. Seeing him became a real hustle and he eventually cut off all communication. Last month I heard that he was planning to introduce the woman who had got him the job.  I feel betrayed, bitter and used.  My life seems meaningless and I can’t imagine starting over again at my age. I still believe that he loves me too and that if I try hard enough I can get him back. Should I fight for him or just forget him and move on with my own life?

Yours depressed and confused