Momma Good To Go: Removing Hair From Down There Before Delivery


As if you don’t have enough to worry about in the weeks before the baby comes, there is that pesky detail about what you should do to your lady parts.  Should you trim? Should you go bushy or do a Brazilian? Shaving pubic hair is a standard procedure for both vaginal and caesarean births because it makes birth more hygienic and reduces the chances of infection.

Sadly, shaving yourself becomes a near impossible task owing to the bulging tummy that hides away the pubic region completely. And no amount of stretching or bending would enable you to catch a glimpse of the area you need to clean. So how do you go about getting rid of pubic hair when you are pregnant? Telling a family member (even your husband) can be quite embarrassing too.

This is where Indulge Maternity Spa’s Momma good to go package comes in handy.   It’s important to know that your go-to hair-removal methods might be harmful to you and your baby.  For this reason, you may want to consider other methods of hair removal, such as tweezing, waxing, epilating and shaving.


Waxing is a popular hair removal method because it’s convenient, it’s proven effective, and it is available in at-home kits and as a professional treatment. Hair removal wax also comes in a variety of substances and application methods, and it doesn’t pose many major side effects. Minor waxing side effects include bleeding, light bruising and possible skin infections. Probably the biggest factor against waxing is the pain that many report with usage. This doesn’t mean that the wax hair removal method is a bad choice during pregnancy; it just means that on the whole, it could be very painful and it still may not guarantee the length of results that you’re after.


Arguably the most convenient method of hair removal available, shaving removes unwanted hair with a razor at the skin’s surface. The only real problem with shaving might be the difficulty of performing it yourself as the baby grows, and the discomfort of maintaining the positions necessary to shave different body areas—especially when considering the frequency required with shaving.

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