The Secret To An Extraordinary Life


An extraordinary life isn’t about worldly achievement, the fulfillment of your own passions or fleeting ecstatic experiences.  I believe so many of us are wasting our lives away by just going about each day as if it’s not something to treasure. We behave as if we can easily get back the time we let drift away from us.  That is the difference between the people who live extraordinary lives and those who spend their lives in mediocrity city.

We are each defined by the comings and goings of our lives. True, not every day is a movie-moment, but try your best to make many moments in time. I believe kindness lies at the heart of an extraordinary life: do something kind for a random stranger; be generous to the charity.  Kindness is a powerful alternative to the get ahead philosophy of life, which won’t matter much when death arrives.  Kindness still matters even when the impact of your good heart is not obvious, immediate or even appreciated because kindness helps to train your own mind in goodness, which ultimately brings you more comfort and ease regardless of how the other person responds.

In order for you to live your extraordinary life you have to get uncomfortable. This is the only way we grow and move forward. Get uncomfortable one step at a time, slowly stretching out your comfort zones. Each small baby step forward helps to prepare you for when your dream eventually arrives. You’ll discover that the dream will arrive quite subtly. Your increased confidence levels will help you to embrace it rather than run away in fear.

Until you challenge your assumptions and take control of your life, you will be easily tossed about by the opinions and goals of other people. You will drift without purpose, becoming cemented in mediocrity and discouragement.

Do something different, something that makes you a bit nervous, and something that excites you with the possibilities for making life extraordinary.  Of course, it’s wonderful if you can follow your passion, but is it healthy to think obsessively about yourself?

Gain control of your life. Find the sweet spot between too much stress and too much relaxation. Find the peace that comes from knowing you have made the most of your life. Self-discipline is the skill that must precede all others. By intentionally gaining control of our time, actions, and attitudes, we have the solid foundation needed for achieving more.  Discipline is not just about getting tough, though. It is accepting that we matter to God, and that God is not honored by mediocrity. The ability to self-discipline is the difference between a life well-lived and a life wasted.

Today at we join millions of Ugandans and everyone else to pay our respects to Gen. Aronda Nyakairima who lived an extremely extraordinary life in a very ordinary way.  He was known for perfectly executing his duties, publicly acknowledged for his good work and for inspiring others.  He lived his life with a higher purpose that will outlast his earthly existence.