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Breakup Dilemma: Can I Take Back My Gifts After The Breakup?

Dear E


I was dating some guy my now ex for four months but  decided to end the relationship because I realized that it wasn’t  going anywhere. When we met, he was living in an empty flat with nothing but his mattress on the floor. He told me that he had just moved to Kampala from Nairobi and didn’t want to go to the expenses of transporting his old stuff over here.

Because I was spending a lot of time at his flat and couldn’t stand sleeping on the floor, I bought a king-sized bed and a new mattress. I also bought a TV, a fridge and a gas cooker. I brought over some old furniture and we set up the sitting room. At the time he seemed really grateful but he started to change when I stopped spending on him.

He became really furious when I refused to buy him an iPad yet I had just paid his rent. It’s at this point that the wool fell off my eyes and realized that I was nothing but his cash cow. When I ended it, one of his friends told me the Nairobi story was bogus that he uses his “just moved here” excuse to rip off gullible women.  I want to know if I have the right to ask for all my property back and if there are legal measures I can take.  Luckily I kept all the receipts. He gave me nothing of significance apart from a broken heart, a dent in my savings and UTI.

Yours seriously pissed