How Successful People Make Smart Decisions

Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

Over the past weeks I’ve been in a battle with myself because when one is toying with the idea of changing their life, everything suddenly becomes much more important. Every detail, every day, has more merit than the last. I have had to analyze, consider all pros and cons until eventually, finally, thankfully, I came up with a decision that fills my soul with peace.

This process made me realize that the most frightening thing about life is having the freewill to make choices. It has been said that history turns on small hinges and so do our lives. The decisions you make every day move you closer to your God-ordained destiny—or away from it. There is no such thing as just sitting still or putting God’s plan for your life on hold. That’s a deception. God’s will for you is intertwined with His will for others, and that is a constantly moving and changing dynamic. It’s like catching a flight. You can miss it. It’s true that the Lord can get you to your destiny another way because there is always a later flight with God. But who wants the hassle, disappointment, and delay that comes with missing a connection? I want God’s best. Don’t you?

No matter what you’re faced with, making big life decisions is never easy. In fact, it’s one of the most challenging things about life. But it’s also one of the most amazing things about life. There are people in this world that have no choice at all. They have no options and no outlets for change. As terrifying as change and choice can be at times, can you imagine how terrifying it would be not to have the ability to choose? Choice can be, and always will be intimidating, but when I think about it I realize that it really is a privilege.

Listen to your instinct

Before you run off to solicit advice from friends and family listen to your gut instinct. As the saying goes “When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin…because in that brief moment when that coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you were hoping for.” You instinctively know what you want.

Weigh the pros and cons

Since every choice represents a battle between your rational conscious and emotional subconscious minds, the key to good decision making is learning how to pick which side should win. Take some time and thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of each situation. In most cases, there will be both good and bad. Recognize that and then work to determine which situation will provide you with the most good and least bad.

Don’t let fear decide

Big changes can be scary. Making choices can be intimidating. And fear is always larking around the corner waiting for a chance to pounce and paralyze you. Tune the fear out and really ask yourself, “What is the right choice for me?” If you took away all of the details and distractions and “What ifs”, you’ll come to the realization that you know what’s best for you. Once you determine what’s best for you the question is: are you going to do what’s best for you?

Don’t ever look back

Once you’ve made your choice, make sure that you commit yourself to it and refuse to look back. It’s easy to begin doubting your choice, but looking back and wondering about what could have happened if you had made a different choice will do you no good. You have to make a decision and stick to it. At times it may not even seem like it was the right choice, but you have to keep reminding yourself that everything is happening for a reason and those choices are the choices you made because they were the choices you were meant to make. Know that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to and that you have done the very best you could to make your decisions.

Remember every one of us has a God-ordained destiny that is designed to touch others. We are carrying other people’s miracles.  Whatever decision you make today can influence or hinder you, but it is never too late to make the right choices. The Lord has awesome things planned for your life. Regardless of what things look like now, your positive decisions can change everything.