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Help! Should I Leave My Thieving Hubby

Dear E

Close-Up Portrait of a Stressed African-American Woman

I have been married to my husband for almost two years and I don’t like the things I have discovered about him. When I met him, he was a sales boy in a cosmetics shop in Wandegeya and I was doing well as a cashier in a commercial bank. He seemed so honest and trustworthy that within four months of dating, I got a loan and opened up a cosmetics shop for him to run. The rest of the money we bought land in Kiira and built our home. However, two months ago I discovered that he had sold our home behind my back. When I confronted him, he claimed that he wanted it to be a surprise. Haha! He then told me that he had bought another plot of land where he wanted us to build another home. The problem here is that my name doesn’t appear anywhere on the land tittle yet he was using my money. The truth is that he just stole my money and my property. What should I do?

Jenny T