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Morning Routines That Set Highly Successful People Apart

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How you start your morning sets the tone for the whole day.  If you start off feeling rushed and overwhelmed, it only gets worse by the second but if you plan better; things just tend to fall into place. Most highly successful people know that success requires getting up early so they start their days as early as possible. They spend those hours preparing their minds, bodies and souls so that they are at their best throughout the day. Oprah Winfrey won’t touch anything before doing her 20 minutes meditation. Many other successful people like Chris Rock, Tina Turner and Russell Simmons swear by the power of meditation too. Here is how you too can make those few hours count.


 Wake up really early

Most highly successful people wake up at 5:30 am, 4:30 am and even 4:00 am. Not only will they have more control in their early hours, they’ll also have more opportunities to do things that matter to them. Start with waking up 15 minutes earlier than your usual time. The extra hours will give you time for exercise and a chance to make yourself a healthy breakfast.

Connect with the divine

You should never start your day without prayer, contemplation, meditation, divination or whatever you believe in.  Motivation doesn’t last forever, so you need to replenish yours regularly. Highly successful people know this, so they dedicate ample time to increase their supply. You’re more likely to continue accomplishing a task once you’re emotionally invested in it, right? Spend thirty minutes listening to inspirational anecdotes and empowering quotes.

Make time for your journal

Happiness is about wanting the things that you already have. By enumerating the blessings they’re grateful for, highly successful people become more open to optimism and inspiration and improve their outlook in life. Every day, write down at least one thing that you’re thankful for. Learn to count the small wins.


The top morning activity of the rich and powerful seems to be exercise, be it lifting weights at home or going to the gym. Pre-breakfast workout helps reduce stress later in the day, counteracts the effects of high-fat diet, and improves sleep.

Plan and strategize

If you don’t take a few minutes of your time to map out the direction of your day, how will you know if you’re headed towards the right direction? Take at least 10 minutes of your day to visualize your life goals, review your tasks for the day and allot schedules for breaks. It’ll help your day be more manageable and less stressful.

Bond with your family

We tend to be more optimistic and enthusiastic in the morning, use this time to discuss things with your partner. If you have children, this is also the time to get involved in their lives. Make it a point to help them get dressed, cook a hearty breakfast and even talk to them about their dreams.

Tackle top-priority projects

The quiet hours of the morning can be the ideal time to focus on an important work project without being interrupted. What’s more, spending time on it at the beginning of the day ensures that it gets your attention before others use it all up. This is also the time to focus on passion projects like blogging, or painting. Carving out the time in the morning to engage in your passion means you can actually achieve your dream.

Read the news

Catch up on what’s happening around you as early as possible whether you read the papers or check the blogs and Twitter on your gadget for the latest headlines.  This means that by the time you get to work, you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the world so you don’t waste any more time as soon as your workday starts.