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Top Ten: The Absolute Best Spa Experiences In Kampala

Young woman having her head massaged

These days you can’t seem to throw a stone without hitting a spa of some kind in Kampala. In true Ugandan style every investor wants to invest in one which means that finding a spa worthy its name one will have to go through quiet a lot. The upside of this spa invasion however is that because competition is stiff, each establishment goes out on a limb to make spa-ing so much more than a great massage or facial by offering unique amenities and facilities that really make your experience memorable.  If you are a spa-virgin and you are looking for a great first time or you are just getting weary of the same old, recommends the following establishments for the best spa experiences in town.

Maisha Serena Hotel Kampala


Tucked away inside The Kampala Serena, Maisha blends in perfectly with the cool relaxed atmosphere of this upscale hotel. The decor is far from traditional with terracotta edifice traced by delicate white pillars that blossom into bud on its sun-terraced roof. They offer both men’s and women’s services including:

State-of-the-art gymnasium and cardio studio,

Aerobic studio offering workouts to include; cardiovascular, kick boxing, dance, yoga, Tai chi and ‘stretch and sculpture’

Steam, sauna, plunge pool, sun-deck and juice bar

The best range of holistic massage in Kampala

De-tox and aromatherapy treatments

Hair and beauty salon

Running track around the grounds

Sheraton   Hotel Health Club


Ideally located in the heart of the city, Sheraton Hotel has a relaxed ambience and a dazzling array of upscale amenities. The health club features a cardiovascular gymnasium and outdoor pool for you to enjoy or relax.

Indulge Maternity Spa


Indulge Maternity Spa

Located in one of the nicest suburbs, Indulge Maternity Spa offers world class treatment. The decor is opulent and luxurious, with a calming atmosphere.  The rooms have plenty of natural light so you feel like you’re outside in a faraway land. The spa also features a steam bath and saunas to help you decompress. The spa offers massages, manis and pedis, facials and body treatments.  Being the only maternity spa in Uganda, this is the only place an expecting or new mother can be guaranteed to have a one of a kind spa experience.  For more go to

Soothing Spot Spa Acacia Mall


Situated in the newest shopping mall, Soothing Spot Spa has an earthy, simple yet sophisticated decor with green leafy plants stylishly placed at the reception and dining area. The terrace has been turned into a serene lounge where one can enjoy a quiet delicious meal or a refreshing healthy drink. After a long night of partying, try one of the spa’s signature Hot Stone treatments.  It’s both relaxing and therapeutic, done with heated stones from the basalt rock that holds the temperature and gently transfers to the body. The temperature in the stone untightens tense muscles, greatly improves circulation, balances energy centers in the body and the roundup effect is rejuvenation, and a whole much younger, re-energized and fresher feeling.

Oceanic Spa

Hidden away in the tranquil Metroplex shopping mall in Naalya the small intimate spa’s very welcoming staff makes you feel relaxed even before your treatment begins. Their services include

Body massage


Body Scrub


Steaming Services

Pedicure & Manicure

 J & V Spa

With a full complement of innovative beauty treatments such as eyelash fixing, permanent eyebrow, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip liner, J&V spa is the place for the modern busy woman. From glorious body messages and scrubs, this is a great place to seek solitude and relaxation.

Massage Envy

Tucked away in Naalya estate, this small and serene spa is appealing for exactly that. Spa staff is friendly and are happy to accommodate whatever requests they can; this personalized service adds that special touch.