The holiday season is upon us, which means parties to attend and parties to host.  Gifts to buy, travel, food, drink, entertainment arrangements to make that usually leave us feeling less than merry.  The trick to having a wonderful holiday without worrying about holiday debt is to focus on what is really important – your loved ones and the joyous time that you get to spend with them.  Below are very useful tips to keep your spending and stress in check.

Keep it simple

You don’t need all that elaborate over the top cooking just for one day.  Just make a delicious meal with just two different meats, a few side dishes and probably some cake.  If you are the year’s host ask some of your guests to bring along just one dish to add to what you will have prepared,  this increase the variety while spreading out the expense.

Save on Travel

Do you really need to make that trip with two fuel guzzling cars to the village?  Drivers during this period are at the mercy of local gas prices however you can avoid the pinch by using public means or using a much bigger rental car with reasonable fuel consumption. If you must use your car then you can save a little gas money by making sure tires are properly inflated, driving at the speed limit, and avoiding side trips.


Our children deserve the world and they don’t hesitate to ask for it if you indulge them. But this is the time to set reasonable expectations for your family. Talk with your family about keeping gift costs down. You’re likely not the only one who would like to spend less this year. Consider setting reasonable gift limits for friends and family. Or you can skip gifts altogether and plan fun activities movie nights or game nights.


Instead of splurging out on fancy Christmas decorations why not make them yourself at home? This will give you chance to spend time together and bond as a family while relieving the financial pinch from your wallet.  Whether you’re going for a classic look or a modern feel, you can deck the halls stylishly and on a budget; for instance the earlier you buy that Christmas tree the cheaper it costs. Make your exterior inviting with a festive wreath and lights. Decorate your tree with a wide selection of ornaments and ribbons, as well as homemade ornaments.

Avoid Impulse Buying

By now you should have stocked up on all the basics. If you haven’t, there are still sales going on in all the major supermarkets. Avoid wandering through the malls if you are an impulse buyer. Impulse buying can easily get out of control. Stick to the budget you already made, and keep track of your spending so you can verify you are on budget. If you slip, keep the receipt in case you decide to return the item.

Bake  it

End your holiday meals on a sweet note by baking your own cake and holiday-themed cookies with simple mixes and pre-made frostings. This not only saves money, but also creates an activity the entire family can enjoy together.

Stay healthy

Avoid the costly emergency trips to the hospital by paying close attention to your health and that of your family members. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy fruits and vegetables can help keep you healthy. Also cut down on your partying, drinking and eating; find time to relax and unwind. encourages you this holiday season to give yourself the gift of money in the bank for the New Year.