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How To Get The Best Shopping Experience At Mr Price

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Shopping at Mr Price has always been an incomparable experience to any other high-end stores.  The staff at both stores (Oasis mall & Acacia mall)is super helpful and courteous and will mostly help you go through their incredible clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for a seamless shopping experience.  While the stores are decidedly unstuffy, it can be quite overwhelming trying to find exactly what you are looking for.  You have probably seen signs above aisles and you had no idea what they were all about, had a chat with the country manager Deacons Uganda Andy and he guides you on where to find what.


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Among our brands, RT is the trendiest.  This is a brand that caters for the most fashion conscious customer the kind that buys clothes according to what the seasons dictates.  So we stock the latest trends for that confident individual who loves to stand out and can pull off any trend with ease.  The brand caters for both men and women.


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Redex is the brand for the active, sporty yet fashion conscious urbanite. You’ll find lots of sportswear, gym items in vibrant and exciting colours.  The clothes are made for that person who still wants to look good while sweating.


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Oakridge Apparel is a leading brand in the UK’s, Garment and Accessories, market. This is for a man who wants to be casually fashionable, and not necessarily stand out from the crowd – not as forward as RT; casual, comfortable. This range appeals to a mature yet stylish woman who wants her clothes to be both functional and fashionable. We cater for those who want the items a little looser and longer but with a fashionable edge.  

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