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Your Chance To Walk Away With Free Luxury Goodies From Mr Price



Yes, the holidays are a time to spread warmth and cheer.  But this warmth and cheer is also costly. The longer you put off your Christmas shopping the more you are bound to spend.  With this in mind, Deacons Uganda Ltd is going out of its way to make sure that its clientele have a really happy holiday.  The senior customer relationship manager for uber trendy stores (Mr Price & Bossini) Samba Raymond Emmanuel talked to about this unique approach to their gift-giving.


SheSpell: How does one get away with unlimited quality goods for free from Deacons Uganda?

Samba: Deacons Uganda Ltd is the umbrella company under which stores like Mr Price and Bossini operate. And because we know that our clients tend to be stressed by the holiday or Christmas shopping, we decided to make their lives easier by giving them insanely, crazy discounts. The discounts start from 10% to 100%.  You realize that a one hundred percent discount means you walk out of the door with essentially free goods. Right?

SheSpell: Right. How exciting! So who qualifies for these discounts?

Samba: All you have to do is purchase goods worth Shs 150,000 which entitles you to a balloon. Get that balloon, pop it and whatever discount you find inside is what you pay.

SheSpell: Is this promotion limited to particular goods or stores?

Samba: The promotion is open to all stores and all departments whether Mr Price Acacia or Oasis Mall.

SheSpell: When is it ending?

Samba: It has been running since 23rd November and it will end on 31st December because we know that our clients will want to put in some last minute shopping before the New Year.

SheSpell: Apart from the crazy discounts, why should one shop at Mr Price?

Samba: I will let my colleague Ms Laventine Oduori, sales adviser answer that question for you.


Oduori: Well, Mr Price is the style destination for people who love urban trends.  From cute shoes to bodysuits to hot dresses, sexy underwear to killer accessories there’s something for everyone. And the newly launched Mr Price Home is haven for unique, sophisticated home luxuries and essentials. We have priceless kitchen, dining, bathroom and bedroom ware for your home but which can also make perfect gifts for your loved ones at ridiculously affordable prices.


Samba: You are forgetting the most unique store policy which women especially would love to know about.

Oduori: Oh yes! The return policy. We give you fourteen days in which to return anything that you buy from the store but you are unable to use.

SheSpell: So the promotion applies to Bossini as well?

Samba: Yes, it does. However, the amount differs because of the difference in our product pricing. For one to qualify for the promotion at Bossini, they have to purchase products of Shs 250,000.

SheSpell: Why are Bossini prices higher than Mr Price?


Ndahura: (Vasta Ndahura store manager Bossini Acacia Mall) Well, while Bossini is about contemporary fashion; it is also more about quality. Our clothes are purposely fun and vibrant because we are all about making the customer happy. We stock children’s apparel and accessories, men’s clothes like polo shirts, chinos, and color pants and of course ladies’ trendy, comfortable clothes easy to match and mix.

About The Brand

Bossini was launched in Kampala in April 2015 and carries apparel for both ladies men & kids. As its slogan says “be happy”, the brand’s mission is to create appealing, competitive and quality every day wear for happy living.


Mr Price was first launched at Oasis mall in 2009. In 2013 a second store was opened at Acacia Mall. It is a fun and welcoming brand offering great and fashionable apparel and footwear for ladies & men and a selection of kids clothing.

Mr Price Home was launched at Acacia mall in April 2014.  The brand offers affordable modern living and the latest in contemporary bathroom, bedroom, living & dining room, kitchenware & home accessories