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Top Ten Movies Every Entrepreneur MUST watch


Focus, dynamism, planning are some of the innate abilities that make a big impact in every entrepreneur’s life.  But the impact of books and movies should never be underestimated. We are largely shaped and influenced by what we read and what we watch. The world of entrepreneurship and business is a lot tougher than you might think.  There are many rough patches along the way and you need all the inspiration and motivation you can get to not just give up.  When you feel like you can’t go on, any of these movies will help change your perspective and inspire you to give it just one more try.

Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine

In his signature black turtleneck and blue jeans, shrouded in shadows below a milky apple, Steve Jobs’ image was ubiquitous. But who was the man on the stage? What accounted for the grief of so many across the world when he died? Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine is a critical examination of Jobs who was at once revered as an iconoclastic genius and a barbed-tongued tyrant. A candid look at Jobs’ legacy featuring interviews with a handful of those close to him at different stages in his life, the film is evocative and nuanced in capturing the essence of the Apple legend and his values which shape the culture of Silicon Valley to this day.

The Social Network

David Fincher’s The Social Network is the stunning tale of a new breed of cultural insurgent: a punk genius who sparked a revolution and changed the face of human interaction for a generation, and perhaps forever. Shot through with emotional brutality and unexpected humor, this superbly crafted film chronicles the formation of Facebook and the battles over ownership that followed upon the website’s unfathomable success. With a complex, incisive screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and a brilliant cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake, The Social Network bears witness to the birth of an idea that rewove the fabric of society even as it unraveled the friendship of its creators.


This movie is about a struggling guy who was looking for a job, but he couldn’t get one. The guy found a window of job opportunity when he saw live crime journalism, and he started doing the same for the living. What you will learn from the movie is, how one can do anything without much background, how art of persuasion and negotiation can take you to the place. How focusing on your positives, and improving on them will make you limitless. Go watch this movie all by yourself, and come back to share your thoughts.

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

The Pirates of Silicon Valley is a well-crafted movie basically covering Bill Gates’ success of Microsoft and Steve Jobs’ Apple. Both were no doubt ‘The Best Pirates!’ and this movie says the exact same. The movie is a take on the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates since their very early days.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This is one of my favorite motivational movies and the best movie on never giving up. This movie gives you goosebumps and tears with Will Smith’s amazing portrayal of Chris Gardner.  It is based on a true story published by Chris himself as a memoir. It was a best-selling book and also a blockbuster movie. Never give up, no matter what; is given a shout out in a simple yet effective fashion.

The Shawshank Redemption

Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency. The protagonist Andy Duffrene manages to make the best out of a very bad situation (being imprisoned for a false murder) and through perseverance manages to achieve more than he ever thought possible.  “Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.”

Forrest Gump 

This movie about a simple man with good intentions, who accidentally becomes a phenomenal success just by living his life he knows best. He wins medals, becomes a professional ping-pong player, takes up running, owns a huge shrimping company and inspires people all across the country. The story revolves around the simple nature of Forrest and how he appeals the entire world as he proves that you don’t have to be a genius to achieve something; all that you need to do is just try.

The Godfather

This movie is a story about the growth of a small family business and fighting off opposition at any expense, how it changes through time until the business becomes the largest organized crime family in New York City. The father and his son Corleone are the brains behind the operations and they show what it takes to get to the top and stay there. This is one of the must-watch motivational movies for learning from the masters on how to stay on the top. You don’t have to follow the line of being illegal, but there is still a lot to learn from the movie.


This is a true underdog story of Rocky Balboa who is given the chance to fight the Heavyweight Champ. He has an opportunity in hand to make a better life for himself by going head to head with the challenge and winning the prize. This movie teaches a lot about the competitive spirit and would inspire you more to get up and beat your competition .

Jerry McGuire

This is a movie based on a true story that shows just what it takes to stay at the top. The protagonist is faced with rejection and his people turning their backs on him while making the leap of faith and quitting his full time job. Slowly, he is identifies the best road for him to follow, and ultimately ends up being successful in both business and life.

Office space

Everyone who hates work raise your hands!  Everyone hates work! Who doesn’t? Want a move that will want you to get out of a desk job in the corporate world, and then this is it! This is one of the must watch motivational movies for those who hate work. This movie is about a story on Peter Gibbons. He is the one who can’t help but be promoted as he starts to slack off and do things his way, but there arises trouble as his new careless nature starts to cause him stealing from the company.