What To Remember When Your Prayers Go Unanswered


In our world of instant this and auto that, it sometimes gets really frustrating to wait upon the Lord to answer our prayers. We want God to show up whenever our life gets too heavy, our need become insurmountable and we are being forced to make choices that scare us. But what happens when in spite of all your effort, He still doesn’t answer you?

Naturally the temptation to take matters into your own hands is so high and from experience when you do, things never end well. Believe me, I have forced myself into situations only to turn around and beg God to deliver me.

In such cases what we should remember is that God’s ways are not our ways; He sees the whole picture while we are just stuck with the tiny piece of the present glimpsed with our mortality. The fact is that if we could see what He sees we would definitely do the same thing.  We don’t know the effects of what we’re asking, and we don’t know the countless other factors that are intersecting and being disseminated inside the mind of our Creator. This may be hard to grasp especially when we’re asking for things that are “good”.

What we have to remember is that God loves us, He wants nothing but the best for us and His decisions are always fair and work out for the best.  Therefore you have to trust that silence from God doesn’t mean absence. You’ll have to remind yourself of this daily … hourly. Silence means “not yet,” which in itself is a kind of answer.

Sometimes, God has answered our prayers but we are unaware of this because we expect a booming voice that tells us what to or tangible results. But God doesn’t always want to give us a direct, prescriptive, answer.  It doesn’t require Him giving us every single bit of direction, but rather teaching us how to think, or more accurately, how to love. Spend time in the Bible and gleaning the wisdom that is available and applicable to all of us. I dare say that there are very few prayers that can’t be answered or at least reframed within the pages of Scripture.

Never give up on prayer. Even when, and especially when, it seems pointless—we must continue to bring our petitions before the Father and be present with Him. Because in this life, there will be confusion, and “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face.” But just because it’s not 100 percent clear, doesn’t mean we give up. Keep praying, reading, and expecting God’s answer the time will come when clarity is yours. And until that time, I hope you’ll keep on pressing on and trusting that the most important thing you can do is believe that God loves you and  will always protect you, provide for you and guide you all the days of your life.