How Long Will You Let Ghosts Control Your Life?


The general election has no doubt provided fertile ground for endless speculation and interpretation. There is a lot of fear surrounding any kind of change in this nation because of what happened in our past. So every choice we make is based on the past and not what is best for our present or our future.  The dysfunctional way of making decisions has seeped from our politics and into our careers and relationships.  We are afraid to move on, change jobs or have relationships with particular people because of what is in their and our past. In other words we have allowed a bunch of ghosts to mess our psyches and ruin our lives.

The energy of our unresolved and unprocessed emotions has blinded us to the truth of who we truly are.  You already know who you are; how great or messed up you are. You in fact take pleasure in highlighting all this to people.  For some strange reason you don’t seem to believe that you are worthy of the best and that you can have and do deserve the best. For this reason you cling to the past, afraid of letting go.  It is sometimes very difficult to see yourself beyond where you are this moment because you just don’t know how to get past what’s holding you down.

We owe it to ourselves to expand the vision of who we are. The only way we can do that is to bury the ghosts of the past. The truth is there is more to you than your past mistakes, losses, glory. Stop holding onto things that serve no purpose in your life because when we hold onto past baggage we are too bogged down to make the right decisions for our future. Like the saying goes, you can’t get to the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the past one.  Learn from your past, pick the lessons you need for the future and leave the rest in the past where it belongs.  Today get rid of people, things, mindsets that continue to chain you to your past. When you lose that baggage, you will create enough space where God’s grace can unfold.  Just for today imagine how great your life would be if you were to receive and experience something better than what you have ever received or experienced in your past.

Let’s learn that lesson today and never go back.