Keep Faith: You Are Five Minutes Away From A Miracle


I still remember the moment I heard those words. I had thoroughly convinced myself that all my efforts to change had been in vain and I was now undertaking the uphill task of convincing my mentor so I could go back to my unfulfilled mediocre way of living.  

She listened carefully, agreed with everything I said and told me to do what I felt was right. And as she stood up to go, she looked me in the eye and said; I know you are a prayerful person and your greatest strength is faith. How come you don’t see that you are just minutes away from a miracle? Do whatever you want but I am asking you to just keep faith for a little while. And I am glad I did.

Our faith isn’t tested in the good times; our faith is tested during trials and times of challenge. When we ask, “Where are you, God?” and hear deafening silence that’s when we’re left to decide. This is when we either choose to believe thus cultivating a more mature faith or we give in to the negative voices in our heads.

Holding firm in your belief about the life you want and taking action from that place creates miracles. The ride may be rocky. Times may sometimes be tough. Things might not always work out the way you want them to, but if you keep the faith that your ideal scene in life is possible and never give up, soon enough it will come round to you.

There is always hope. When you want to give up, when all seems lost, when there seems to be no reason to keep going ; that is the moment to press on one more day. It is those who press on beyond the low points in life that push through that barrier of resistance into a seemingly magical world.  Faith is where it begins. Acting on your faith is how it happens. You do not have faith if you stop believing when things go wrong. The depth of your faith is tested when things go wrong.

You can’t say you really have faith if you give up when things get tough. That’s not real faith, that’s pretend faith. Someone who has true faith in themselves and in their God will press on no matter what the circumstance is. There is no challenge too small for someone who is rooted in faith. There is no time that is too hard, because those with faith keep their ideal outcome in mind and know that they are stronger than their circumstances.

It’s a well-known fact that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. If money is tight, if no one believes in your dreams, if you just want to give up, remember you have a reservoir of faith that you can use. When you feel the struggle heavy on your back, bury yourself in more good soil. Pop into a church before starting the day, read the Bible, put some encouraging messages where you can see them, attend a service, watch an online sermon, ask someone you love to pray with you and meditate on positive thoughts.  Whatever you do, stay in the Word. The tough times will hit us, but we are living for something bigger.

Get busy spending your faith every day; it can never run out. Your dreams are real. Take action to make it so. Don’t give up. Just press on one day at a time and  darkness will eventually give in to the saving light of day.