There Is Grace In Every Setback, Reach Out For It


Could this pain even if it feels like a punch in the stomach be a process to a higher level?  Could there be divine timing in what you’re going through? And could you be even though it hurts, even though it’s sad, even though there’s a level of heart break in what you’re going through, could there be grace? Could there be a larger yes? Is there a spiritual lesson?

Believe it or not, many times your wounds are the doorway to your purpose.  Instead of despairing we must find the meaning and perspective that inspires us to make things better than they are.

Your setback is only a catalyst, not the end. Your purpose is unfolding even now. Grace is defined as unearned divine favor. This means that you don’t have to do anything to get this favor. You could think of it as your creator saying yes to your life, yes to your purpose. And inside every setback, inside every disappointment, inside every piece of suffering, we can find meaning.

When you’re in those moments of crisis and setback, ask yourself the question, what’s the lesson here? And not the lesson that promotes your smallness. Like I’m not enough. Or I’m a loser. I should quit. Not like a small, smallness, little thinking, fear lesson. I’m talking about the rich spiritual lesson. Because in every crisis, every heartbreak, and sadness there is grace. There is a greater yes. And when we find meaning inside those moments, it gives us the will to live. It gives us the ability to show up and face the world, and really want to be here.

So if you want to take this crisis or this moment of a setback and just look for all the reasons why you should stop, why you should quit, and why you should play small, guess what? You will find them. But you can also find reasons of what the spiritual lesson is and how you can grow, and how you can learn, and how you can improve, and how you can do better next time. You get to choose. That’s one of the most important things that we can do as human beings, is choose the meaning that we give the events of our lives. It’s one of the great sources of free will that we have to really say is this a setback? Is this a lesson? Is this the end? Is this the beginning? Only you can decide.

So what is the spiritual lesson that you are learning in this setback that you’re experiencing right now, and what is the grace in this?  Is it pushing you to grow? Pushing you to expand? Pushing you out of your comfort zone. How is this a catalyst to the next adventure in your life? All these answers are available to you. All you have to do is just ask. Then pray and be still long enough in order to hear the answer from God.