Coach Oti Revelas The Secret To A Perfect Bikini Body


He scoffs at jogging and pours scorn on aerobics.  He decries the rampart misogyny existing in Ugandan gyms. caught up with the most sought after personal trainer in Kampala Otieno Karuhanga Wariago aka coach Oti for a chat about fitness, diet and how his fascination with the woman’s body made him give up a secure cushy job for the strenuous career as a gym instructor.


Shespell: We can tell by your name that you have mixed parentage, tell us more about yourself.

OKW: I am a result of a union between a Kenyan and a Ugandan. I grew up in Nairobi but attended university at Makerere University where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. I then went back to Nairobi for work but something was always pulling me back here. When I saw a chance I packed my backs and came back to Uganda and I have loved every moment here.

Shespell: How did a civil engineer end up in a gym?

OKW: Well, passion. All my life, I have been bold enough to do things that I am passionate about not what a piece of paper says I can do. After graduation I spent eight years working as a social worker because I felt happy helping the community. And then one day I went to the gym and had so much fun, so I decided that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Shespell: And has it been worth it?                                                                            

OKW: Oh yes! I enjoy what I do. I have this fascination with a woman’s body and I spend hours and hours studying it; what makes it tick and what I can do to improve it.

Shespell: What have you discovered?

OKW: I have discovered a foolproof way of how any woman can have a perfect bikini body. All you need to do is stick to the recommended diet, portions and do strength training.  I always see women jogging on the busy roads and it is all I can do to tell them to stop wasting their time. Roadwork isn’t only fatal (as in the case of businessman Kasiwukira etc.) but it does nothing for your body apart from eating into your muscle and leaving you looking haggard. And I always wonder why intelligent women continue with aerobics year after year when it does little for their bodies yet their male counterparts shape up on the machines within a few months.



Shespell: Coach I think that the choice of exercise has nothing to do with the intelligence of the women but the decision of their personal trainer/gym instructor.

OKW: Yes you are right. The fault is solely that of my fellow instructors. It is shocking how overtly sexist and discriminatory gyms are. Both men and women pay the same fees but the former get better services while the latter are relegated to the aerobics room.Shespell: Could this be a result of the difference in men’s and women’s bodies?

OKW:  A human body is made up of the same stuff; muscle and bones. Man or woman, a person’s general body shape is largely defined by their natural skeletal frame, as well as their distribution of muscle and fat. In general, men store less fat than women and possess more bone and muscle mass – giving them a more substantial physical presence. A perfect bikini body whether male or female has lean muscle that allows the skeletal shape to be prominent. The differences only come about because each gender decides to pay more attention on particular body parts. A woman for example will want a more pronounced bottom and bosom while a man will pay more attention to his abs and calves.

Shespell: How soon and what can I do to get the prefect bikini body?

OKW: You can get your perfect bikini body within three weeks. All you need is a high-energy cardio and sculpting routine that’s guaranteed to boost your metabolism, melt fat, and blast calories. Best of all, you can do it in as few as 30 minutes a day. By performing total-body strength moves along with high-intensity interval workouts, you’ll be able to reshape your body in a relatively short period of time. You don’t need to hit the gym for hours in order to blast fat. In fact, shorter, high-intensity interval-based routines can be more effective than longer, slow-paced ones.  Because you are moving at a high intensity, you’ll not only burn more calories during the workout, but you’ll also rev up your metabolism for several hours afterward.


Shespell: What is the perfect diet for weight loss?

OKW: That is simple you need a balanced diet. Eat a meal high in carbohydrates in the morning; your bread, chapatti, fruits etc. At lunch time go for something light soup, vegetables etc.  And then protein for dinner.  Don’t skip meals and watch your portions.

Shespell: Who do you prefer working with; men or women?

OKW: I love working with women. They are the reason I decided to become a personal trainer. After witnessing the discrimination they had to put up with, I decided that I will change this attitude and make a difference in women’s lives.  My aim is to empower women through their bodies so they can be self-confident and self-reliant.


Shespell: What are you doing to change the misogyny and sexism that you say exists in gyms?

OKW: For a long time gyms in Uganda have been dominated by men whose only qualification is their bodily strength.  Things are now changing as more formally trained instructors take over. We are also seeing a number of women like Mildred Apenyo join the profession and excel. These are subtle but steady changes that will go a long way in making the gym a place of equality for both men and women.

Shespell : Have you ever been hit on or attracted to a client?

OKW: Of course. You know as a personal trainer I become very close to the client. To do a thorough job I need to know what my client is eating, their emotional and mental state. This involves a lot of talking and eventually the client begins to think of me as a friend and lines can get blurred after that. But because I have been through these situations many times I know how to control a client’s infatuation before it gets out of hand

Oti is a personal trainer at Kensington Heights Gym Kyanja and Fit Clique Africa Bukoto.